Grave discovery

by david shullenburg
(tyson, North carolina)

...the name of the old grave yard was "Scottsville" no longer is used as the space is no longer avaliable and its very overgrown with weeds,briars and unihibited by was annexed by the city of scottsville in 1974 as unusable and no stands in a state of i prodded my way around using my minilab- a crow screamed at me and i noticed the old oak tree he was i detected by the tombs and the tree and got many individual beeps and blurbs. to my surprise these were diamond jewelry and ear rings and a gold necklace from some by gone era. as i was licking my greeding brow i detected more around the tree...BLEEP!!! a canister of perfume filled with coins and a picture of a man. i was shocked to also discover a round pendant in the weeded area of a tomb named -Bobby Deviny 1894-1957 -co-founder of the power co. in scottsville and a major in the II war. the pendant was a Gold medallion inscribed THE U.S. marines. i was blown away by the find!! i am not finished hunting this place and no one comes here because the roads are screwed up and dead ended by signs and its obscured by the trees and the fields. but i did research this place 8 months earlier to find it and there is another graveyard 6 miles east of here in the old defunked town called meadowsboro and is the old seat of the wagon train mail route.**remember to research and dont leave Goffer holes and respect the tombs and have a venture of your own.**NOTE-the one tomb i thought unusual was an old 1920,s actor of silent films -roger Newton Dobbs- he worked with charlie chaplin and he dies in 1969 a rich man -but his grave is all granite and solid and huge-12 by 12 ft 8 ft high and his picture.....chow for now-David shullenburg North carolina

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Aug 08, 2012

Dave, nice story, thanks!
by: Frank

Michael, do not allow the actions of a certain few individuals to stop you from enjoying the hobby. There are far more good intentioned people who are against this sort of action and who are also willing to help you.

If you need assistance feel free to email me at

Thanks for your comment.


Jul 28, 2012

by: Anonymous

Dude, your crazy :)
HH to ya!

Jun 11, 2012

No good
by: Robbie

If people did see you,your considered a grave robber.There`s many other places to go.Dont ruin it for us.

Jun 11, 2012

Be Careful!
by: Frank

Dave, thanks for the story. However, I think post will draw a lot of negative remarks. Many of us stay away from cemeteries, even the old ones. How close to the graves were you finding this stuff?

If you were on the outer fringes of the cemetery that's okay.


Aug 07, 2012

Disrespectful to treasure hunt a cemetery. Period.
by: Michael

Found your post while researching the hobby and searching for a metal detector.

Taking jewelry, make that anything, from around someone's grave site is horribly wrong. I am mortified, not only in that you dd it, but that you seem proud?? What would your mother think? I will be thinking hard about whether this is a hobby I want to be associated with. Nothing but very bad karma coming your way.

Jun 11, 2012

I don't approve
by: Tim

I have to agree with Frank. I would never hunt a graveyard and frown upon the practice. In a lot of cases these items were put there for a reason. I don't fear the dead, but I don't want to give them a reason to pay me a visit either.

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