Got Dog Tags?!

by Neil McElroy
(Eugene Oregon)


My name is Neil McElroy ~ I am a member of ISALC (the International Society of Animal License Collectors). We are always looking for newly discovered DOG TAX tag and DOG LICENSE tag finds. We keep record of all known pre-1900 tags and oldest known tags from all issuing agencies (State, county, township,city/town, etc.).

Have you dug up an old dog tag (not military I.D. "dog tags")? PLEASE e-mail me pictures and info on where it was found ~ . If you have a new O.K. (oldest known) or any newly reported tag then I will forward the info to the author of US DOG LICENSE TAGS Dr. William Bone. He will record the info and reflect it in the future printings of his book!

Thank you!
Neil McElroy
Eugene Oregon

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May 07, 2021

1899 tag
by: Anonymous

What's an 1899 dog tag worth?

Jun 17, 2016

Thanks Jim!
by: Frank

Jim, thank you for the compliment.

Glad to hear you are now part of the hobby. Keep us posted here with what your finding. If you need help or advice contact me using the "Contact Me" form.


Jun 15, 2016

just started collecting
by: jim bakken

Thanks for the great site Just started collecting I found a 1882 tag from Lafayette ind.#69..just joined the isalc..looking for ia county tags

Mar 02, 2014

Great Stuff
by: Adam P.

This is a great idea!!!Something different and is our history. Good to see someone that takes pride in there finds and to put a story behind it. Keep up the great work guys!!!

Mar 02, 2014

GREAT Idea!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Frank

Neil, thanks for the post. Those are some nifty dog tags. What you are doing is a wonderful idea. I had no idea the organization existed. Hopefully your post will generate some interest.

Thanks again,

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