Gone But Not Forgotten

Ghost Towns of the Eastern States

Now available for purchase is my report Gone But Not Forgotten, Ghost Towns of the Eastern States. How to search for and locate the old eastern ghost towns.

“Hi Frank, my name is Jerry Miner and I live in Ohio. I recently purchased your report, Gone but Not Forgotten, Ghost towns of the Eastern States, and I must tell you it was a very satisfactory read. I even took your information into an area that is heavily forested hoping to locate one of the old ghost towns, or a cellar hole. And to my surprise, and excitement I located not one, but three cellar holes. These were in the middle of nowhere and I was actually shocked when I did find them. As I walked around the old homesteads, I saw old pieces of broken pottery, a few old bottles, and some old, iron wagon parts. It was definitely an adventurous journey. Now I guess I should buy a metal detector. Your new friend in Ohio,

Jerry M.

This guide book is being sold as a download only. Whether you are an avid metal detectorist, or someone who wants to begin the hobby by exploring these out-of-the-way old towns, this guide book will help you locate the old ghost towns of the eastern States.

Searching for the old towns can be an adventure for the entire family. It’s a great way to explore the outdoors and gain an appreciation for how difficult it was for our first pioneers to live in a very harsh environment.

The information in this report is the same information that John Decharo and I talked about in my TV series, Ghost Towns of the East.

My “Ghost Towns of the Eastern States” report is what my website is all about, and much more.

Learn the history of the old towns. Learn how to use old maps in your search. Learn what signs to look for. Thinking of purchasing a metal detector - Learn which metal detectors to purchase. Understand the laws of State Land use And read about a small cache located in an eastern ghost town.

For just $2.99 you can instantly download this guide and within a few days be on your way to searching for the old towns in your area.

Your purchase is safe and secure. To begin, please click the BUY NOW button below.

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Thank you,

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