Georgia Topo Maps

Georgia topo maps should be an important part of any person’s outdoor gear. Especially if you are planning a outdoor adventure through some of Georgia’s rough terrain.

In the northern section of Georgia there are the Blue Ridge Mountains reaching heights of 4784 feet. The Piedmont Plateau is located in the central region of Georgia. This area is covered by low, rolling hills. The heights reach to 2000 feet, with the lowest being 300 feet. Southern Georgia is a flat, coastal plain.

Georgia Topo Maps

Georgia’s terrain is a mix of swamps, marshlands, forest, and sand. This mix of terrain allows for a variety of growth of flora and fauna. Georgia is noted for it’s variety of trees with 250 different species. More than 50 plants are known to exist across the State.

The variety of fauna in Georgia consist of more than 130 different birds, and animals such as black bear, white tailed deer, raccoon, possum, squirrels, rabbits, fox and mink. Georgia has a number of reptiles with many of them being poisonous. Snakes like the copperhead cottonmouth and the rattle snake are a few of the poisonous variety.

Georgia is also noted for it’s amphibian species that include a variety of fish such as bass, trout, and catfish. Off the coastal shores there are blue crabs, oysters, porpoises and dolphins.

Topo Maps In Different Formats

Topo maps come in a variety of formats. You can buy them as software to view from a GPS, computer, etc, or as a hard copy map. There are numerous map makers who have now entered the topography map industry because they see a need to be filled. This makes a great buying opportunity for you. More competition means lower prices.

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If you plan and hiking, backpacking, or camping in the Georgia wilderness, I cannot stress enough the importance of carrying a topographic map in your gear. Too many times, adventurers, even experienced individuals, have become lost and suffered either death or serious injury. Be prepared, and carry a Georgia topo map when you plan your next trip into the wilderness.

Georgia topo maps can help you locate old ghost towns in the east.


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