Georgia Lost Treasure

Georgia lost treasure sites are located throughout the State.

If you plan on searching for one or more, there are a few things you will need to do before heading out. First, research your treasure, and second, if you do not own one, you should purchase an inexpensive metal detector.

Research is the key to locating any treasure. Sure, there are stories of individuals who have been lucky enough to stumble onto a treasure site, but that is pure luck. It doesn’t happen everyday.

You can increase your chance of locating a hidden treasure, and thereby increasing your luck of finding one, by properly researching the treasure you want to search for. For starters, try using the Internet.

 Although most of the information there is just retold information, and nothing new, you never know what kind of lead you may pick up, and that if you follow it, and research it further, could be the information you are looking for.

You should also visit historical societies, read old newspapers, and old books. The more information you can gather will help you with your search for treasure. Knowledge is power when searching for lost treasure.

Visit my research page for more information.

Years ago, treasure hunters used picks, and shovels in their search for treasure. They would get a lead, go to an area, and haphazardly begin to dig. Often times, they were in the wrong spot. So they ended up spending countless, back breaking hours of digging and shoveling, only to leave behind piles of useless dirt. In today’s modern day of treasure hunting we can use a metal detector to help us, before we do the digging.

Do not buy an expensive detector that has all of the bells and whistles. Many newbies to the hobby purchase expensive detectors and find that the learning curve is much higher than they expected. So they become frustrated and give up the hobby.

You can buy a decent, new, metal detector for less than $350. If you read the owners manual, practice, and learn how your detector works, you will be proficient enough to locate coins, jewelry, and even a buried treasure.

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Georgia Lost Treasure Sites

Jekyll Island - Located in Brunswick County - rumors of Spanish buried treasures surround this area.

Mulberry Grove Plantation - located on GA 21 approximately 10 miles north of Savannah, on the Savannah River, in Chatham County. The site of an important plantation house that was destroyed by Sherman's soldiers in 1864.There are stories of a cache of gold coins buried by plantation owners before Sherman arrived.

St. Simon's Island - located in Camden County - was used by the Spaniards prior to 1736. Silver coins from that era have been found along the southern beach.

Tybee Island - located at the mouth of the Savannah River, off U.S. 80 - many pirates frequented this island. There are legends that many treasures are buried there. Coins have been found along the beach.

Face Mountain - located in Whitfield County - this area was heavily mined of gold. Somewhere on the mountain is a cache of buried gold bullion that was stolen from the miners, and then reburied.

Understand the law before searching for Georgia lost treasure.

Georgia lost treasures may be located in ghost towns.

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Good luck in your search for Georgia lost treasure.

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