49 Places to Metal Detect
And More

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Are you running out of places to metal detect?

Do you need a “kick in the pants” to refresh your ability to find new areas?

Do you know what the law says about digging relics?

Do you frequent garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets? If so, you’ll find some interesting information about items that were used as hiding places for cash.

"Frank, you did it again. 49 Places to Metal Detect: And More, is another one of your ebook winners. It’s brief and concise, yet packed with information I had not known. And I’ve been metal detecting for 30 plus years.

Detecten Tom,
Good Old USA”

My ebook “49 Places to Metal Detect: And More”, is going to pay for itself.  If you don’t find in coins, at least what you’ve paid for the price of this ebook, well…that’s because you’re not following the advice that I put into it.

“This ebook has more than paid for itself.  I liked it so much Frank, I’m buying your other ebooks also.

Carol , NY”

Are you interested in some tips on how to increase your finds?

“Those tips you give in your ebook helped me to find items at sites I thought I hunted out.  Frank, I went back to 3 areas, used your ideas and found 4 coins, 2 were silver, and a ring. The ring was an old, brass wedding band. I was shocked when I found these. I really thought I pulled everything from those places.


Allen R. Ohio”

My ebook, “49 Places to Metal Detect, And More is FREE.

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This book is not a hard cover, it is not a softcover, it is a digital download.
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