Free Topo Maps Online

Getting free topo maps online is a great way to enhance your chances of a successful hike, hunting, or any back country adventure.

I use them quite a bit. I spend a lot of time in the out doors, in areas that are rugged and wilderness, so I need to know where I am at all times. I have a entire library of maps that have been collected throughout the years.

If you are tired of spending a small fortune on topos, now there is a way to get these maps for free. The Internet has created an abundance of free sources for just about anything. And free mapping is one of the biggest sources.

You can find both old and new maps for free. And with today’s color printers, printing the maps after downloading are a breeze, and they look great.

The Importance of Topos

If your visiting this page for information, then I would guess that you already know how important it is to have a topographical map with you when you venture outdoors. Unfortunately too often, there are those who get lost, and die, because they went off into the toolies without the proper map. I know of some seasoned pro’s who trek off into the wilds without a map, gps, or a compass. Yes, they are great outdoorsmen who know their way around the outdoors, relying on the sun, and their markings to guide the way. But they are taking a chance of getting lost if they do not have at least a topo with them.

Topography Maps For Research

Perhaps you use topography maps for reference and researching areas. I use old topos to locate old roads, abandoned buildings, cellar holes, battlefields from the French & Indian and the Revolutionary Wars, old rail road beds, and stations, and much more. The free maps are a great tool.

Free Topo Maps Online Resources

Free Topo Maps ResourcesTopo maps free online

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My Topo

University of New Hampshire Do a keyword search there for your state topo.

Topos and TV

We used topographical maps when filming certain segments of my metal detecting, TV series. We were in areas that were too remote to rely on just the sun, and a compass. We also used a topo to find the areas we wanted to film. Many of the topos we used were free.

Free topo maps online help me to find many of these areas.

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