Frank's French & Indian War Buckle

by Frank Pandozzi
(New York State)

French & Indian War Buckle

French & Indian War Buckle

One of my most interesting finds happened just before we were ready to film a metal detecting, TV series about the French & Indian war.

We were researching an area to film. It was an area where supposedly the French & Indian War had taken place in New York. Actually, this area was a major route of travel for both the French and the British, as they moved between Albany, New York and Canada.

John, my detect’en partner and co-host and I, were metal detecting a small area of this forty-acre property. I wanted to find something that would validate the area before we began to film.

I found the buckle you see in the picture. Actually, I was about to move the filming to an area approximately a mile away because in the three days that John and I had been detecting, we found nothing that would validate the area as being used during the French & Indian War.

When the buckle appeared in my plug I was both excited and relieved. Our research and hard work had paid off.

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Feb 13, 2008

Great find Frank!
by: Debi

That is a great looking buckle!!!


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