Four times out, found coins each time

by Robert Pfingston
(Bedford,NH. U S A)

Hi my name is Bob and i live in New Hampshire, i just started metal detecting and i love it, i have gone out four times in one week and have found a total of 85 cents all clad and five newer pennies hopefully the real old coin is in my future, i bought an Garrett A T Pro its a great detector. again i must say I LOVE THIS HOBBY

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May 16, 2015

Keep pushing
by: Tim Stroud

Keep swinging and learn your machine. If your not running in Pro Zero, get comfortable with the other settings and then move up to Pro Zero. You will get better target separation and depth. Research your areas well, find out where old gathering places and business's were. Sanborn maps are a great tool as well as your local library. It took me 3 years to find my first silver, and I found my first gold coin a year ago with my Ace 250. I got the AT Pro shortly after that and dug an 1836 letter Edge Bust half with in a month. I do mostly relic hunting so I don't find a lot of clad unless it is the summer months and all the areas I normally hunt are planted.

May 12, 2015

The Old Stuff Will Come!
by: Frank

Bob, keep it going. The old coins will begin to show up eventually. Remember, to find old coins and things you need to detect old areas. And there are lot of those around.

The AT Pro is a great detector. Learn it well and you will be rewarded over and over.


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