Forgotten pre-Colonial Tavern in New Jersey

by Mike
(Chalfont PA)

South Branch of Rancocas Creek 1980's

South Branch of Rancocas Creek 1980's

Hunting in New Jersey you might want to pick up two book which are inexpensive on Amazon. "Forgotten towns of New Jersey" and "More Forgotten towns of New Jersey" Back in the 80's we did a lot of metal detecting in that state using those two books as a guide.

My friend had read a story about a precolonial tavern built on the side of the Mullica River which was frequented by sailors. Before we got to explore for it my friend passed away from cancer. We had figured it would have been a gold mine for colonial glass and coins. I'm 70 now and never got around to search for it. Brian had found the info on it so I was location blind.I sure would like to hear if anyone out there is familiar with that tale and would appreciate hearing from you. I sure would like to give it a go before my legs give out for good. Thanks

P.S. Below is a pic of two eight reales I still carry on my key chain.Found near Vincenttown on the south branch of the Rancocas Creek.

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Jul 24, 2018

Thanks Mike!
by: Frank

Mike,I know for a fact that the old taverns are a great place to search around. I've done quite well after doing the neccessary research to locate them. Hopefully someone can help out in finding this one.

Love those reales!

Thanks again,


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