Florida Topo Maps

Florida topo maps can help you navigate through the States diverse landscape. However, before I show you a selection of maps, I’d like to explain what Florida’s topography is like.

Florida is one large plateau that consists of broad swampy areas, and many lakes and springs. The panhandle area is slightly more elevated with small, rolling, hills. The eastern side of Florida has sandbars that somewhat protect it from the Atlantic Ocean. The west coast has hundreds of bays and inlets. At the extreme southern tip of Florida are the Ten Thousand Islands. These small islets are mangrove covered. Key West is located at the southwest point of Florida.

Florida Topo Maps

There are seven floral zones in Florida that make the topography difficult. They are, the flatwoods, scrublands, grassy swamps, savannas, salt marshes, hardwood forests, and pinelands.

The flatwoods are forests containing many varieties of flowers. The scrublands consist of small sand pines and trees such as the saw palmetto, blackjack, and water oak. The savannas consist of water lettuce, American lotus, and water hyacinth.

The Everglades cover Florida’s southeastern side and the southern end. This area consists of the worlds largest saw grass swamp. It is an area of approximately five thousand square miles.

Lake Okeechobee is the states largest body of inland water. It is located in south central Florida. Like many of Florida’s lake, it is shallow with a depth of only fifteen feet. The state also has numerous streams, creeks, and rivers. The longest river is the St. Johns River that empties into the Atlantic, nineteen miles from Jacksonville. The exact length of the St. Johns is unknown due to the swampy area of the headwaters. However, it is estimated to be between 273 and 318 miles in length.

 Topo's Come In A Variety Of Choices

There are many types of topos and the enormity of the choices can actually end up confusing the consumer looking to purchase one. However, due to the competition among map makers, the quality of the maps has increased. Although there have been many new map producers entering the market, I believe the best topos are still being produced by long standing companies like Garmin, DeLorme, and National Geographic. Whether you are looking for Florida maps that are software, or a hard product like the Gazetteer, I’m sure you will be surprised at the variety and the features of the many maps that are listed below.


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Florida Topo Maps Are A Great Way To Discover The Outdoors.

For a better understanding of Topographic maps...visit here.

And, if you enjoy the hobby of metal detecting, or you are thinking about pursuing the hobby, using Florida topo maps to locate these areas is a definite advantage.

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