First timer

by Jeremy

I have had a bounty hunter pioneer for years now. Played with it off and on over the years. Up untill now it was for fun because face it its a bounty hunter. So I thought of it as just a bounty hunter. Turns out I was just not in a good spot to find old coins and relics. I asked a friend who lives near old rout 66 if I could detect his yard. He sed if you mow it for me i agreed to and did so. I began detecting first lite the next day. In the front yard I was getting lots of clad pennys and a few dime all in a 4 foot square? weard? A total of three dollers and some cents came from that spot. Once I cleared that change out I started getting faint signals from my detector beaping every once and a while over targets? Turns out the items it was picking up was realy deep> So I slowed down and concetrated my efferts to one targe that was beeping more that the other ones. I dug about 10 inches into the earth and saw my verry first merc dime yep a 1919 merc stared back at me. (heads up) This was the first coin with meaning to me. (Its old)All other things I was going to do that day took the back seat. In all I pulled three mercs the one listed above and a 1945 plain all in great shape and one that was so far gone from rot its a goastly figure of a head. a 1937 plain buffalo a 1954 d franclin half like new and a 1917 brittish penny. Oh lots of wheet pennys ranging from 1912 to 1950. And a realy old small cap gun and some jacks and marbles If thats not enough to get you hooked I dont know what is.I now own three metal detectors another bounty hunter tracker iv I use to detect in the water and a whites classic id to ad to the one above. Im looking forwerd to getting a whites spectra v3i soon. Iv seen video on the net showing its awsom depth ability. since then Iv pulled from a old park here three more mercs and lots more wheets. I think the spectrs v3i would do great in the trashy parks here. Oh thanks for the info on the laws of metal detecting. Thanks for reading my story.

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Nov 21, 2010

Thanks Jeremy!
by: Frank

Jeremy, great story! Thanks for sharing with us.

Your story goes to show that if you go slow enough, and have patience, you will find good stuff.

Too bad you didn't post pictures of those finds.

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