first time out with lil girl

by doug
(kennesaw ga)

first time out with lil girl and detector
we just got a pirate head hunter detector
we took it in the backyard she wants to have the headphones on and hold the pole, she's 7 so its way to big but cute seeing her try to carry it around she gets super exited whenever it beeps and goes off she drug me all over the backyard and found 2 pennys two quarters and a big metal leter Q we took a pic its a cute photo of her holding the treasures she found lol it was a good daddy daughter day

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May 01, 2013

Love the kids!
by: Anonymous

Loved this story! Reminded me when I would go metal detecting with my youngest son. Now I'm waiting to take my grandson. He's 4 yrs. old. I'm can't wait to get him digging and hunting for treasures!

V. Brooks

Aug 06, 2012

It's A GREAT Way To Bond!
by: Frank

Doug, your story is heart warming. Thanks.

MD'ing is a great way to bond with family members, especially the younger ones. I loved your story, and your little girl is a cutie!

Thanks again,

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