First day finds.

by Tristan E.

For Christmas, I got a Bounty hunter Quick Silver Detector. I Went out to my back yard and started just messing around with no discrimanation on. The first sound was an iron tone. I got my shovel and I hit somthing 3 inches down. It was a tent stake that I lost about 3 years ago!!! But the best find of that day was when i got a weird signal and started to dig..... After 9 inches of digging i found and old D cell Battery!!!! That was great!!! Later the next day my Dad took me to a park..... WE FOUND $1.48 in change!!! I love this detector!!!!!

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Jan 01, 2011

Nice first finds
by: Anonymous

Nice Tristan! If you got excited about a "D" cell battery, keep on swingin that thang and you are gonna have a whole lot of fun. Wait until you pull your first Civil War relic from the ground or a Seated Liberty dime. Then you will be hooked for life.

Dec 31, 2010

Thanks Tristan
by: Frank Pandozzi

Tristan, nice story! Keep us posted with what you are finding. Remember, you can come back and post pictures as well.


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