Find Treasure In Unusual Places

You can find treasure because people have been hiding money since the beginning of time. Here are a number of reasons why.

People don’t trust other people.

They don’t trust banks.

Many people don’t trust their spouses. I’m not kidding.

People don’t trust the economy, or the stock market.

Many individuals hide money just to feel secure.

Many people hide money with the intention of giving it to their family members or a spouse. But unfortunately, they die first and the hidden money is never found.

It’s not found because the hider never told the hidee. You can find treasure for the above reasons, many people have.

Here are some unique places to search. They may be areas you had never thought to look.

Gardens You can find treasure in gardens. People love working in their gardens. They also love to bury their valuables there.

The garden hiding places are a popular area for secreting a cache. Everything from mason jars full of coins to large steel boxes of jewelry has been located in gardens.

Old Cars

Many old timers used the gas tanks of their abandoned vehicles to stash their coins.

I’m not fooling you here. An enterprising young man contacted me a few years ago about this one. Apparently he purchased an old farm. The farm had two old automobiles from the early 1920’s abandoned in the scrub brush on the property.

When this individual was moving one of the old wrecks from the property, and as he was lifting the old tank from the frame of the wreck he heard a clanking sound inside the gas tank. At the same time the rusted bottom of the tank fell to the ground, and with it was a cache of Barber coins.

Amazed at this discovery, the young man began searching for other old abandoned wrecks, hoping for the same situation. He told me that in three years he had located fifteen old, abandoned wrecks, and three of them had coins cached in their old gas tanks.

You can find treasure in old wrecks. If you do, I’d like to hear about your story.

Hollowed Out Old Trees

A treasure hunting acquaintance of mine was metal detecting an old homestead in Pennsylvania. The home had been unlived in for many years.

He was working the back of the property in a thick area populated with old elm and maple trees. One of the old trees that he was near had a large hollowed hole in the center of the trunk, about four feet from the ground. This fellow happened to notice a piece of burlap bag hanging from inside the hollowed out area. Being inquisitive, as most good treasure hunters are, he walked over to investigate further.

Inside the hollowed tree trunk was a rotted, old, burlap bag.

Inside the bag were old coins dating between 1832 and 1877.

Also inside the hole were the remains of a nest that apparently had been lived in by an animal.

It never ceases to amaze me where people hide money.

Beneath That Old Bridge

I knew a treasure hunter who was very successful at finding caches hidden below old bridges. He actually traveled to different States searching below the old structures. Why were the bridges used as hiding spots for money? Because gangsters used the old, back roads, to travel after committing their robbery. And the old bridges that crossed the river and creeks just happened to be great hiding places.

The old, treasure hunter used to search below, and underneath the bridge. The steel joists, or old wooden girders on their undersides were perfect places to store a cache of money or valuables. He also told me that even today’s modern thieves on the run, like drug dealers, also use the old bridges on back country road as caching locations. And many times the bad guy gets caught, and is thrown into prison before having a chance to go back to his cache.

Cold Cellars

Just about every old homestead had a cold storage cellar. This was an area where the property owners stored their food. These holes in the ground were nothing more than a small cellar hole lined with the rock from the area.

Many times these cold cellar have produced caches of all kinds for the treasure hunter interested enough to search for them.

Give it a try. And please let me know if you find treasure in cold cellars.

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