Find Treasures Near You

You can find treasures that have been buried. Many others are locating them.

A man using a metal detector located $300,000 worth of Revolutionary War payroll that was buried before a Torre raid. He first researched the story about the hidden payroll, and then set out to find it.

In a small town in the Midwest a treasure hunter located $300,000 of silver certificates. The bills were buried by a well to do merchant. He had cached the money inside a large cast iron barrel that was dug into the ground and covered by a large flat rock.

A husband and wife here in the East was told that the house they had just purchased, an early 1880’s Colonial, may have a treasure buried either inside the premises, or somewhere on the property.

A married couple was remodeling the home, and as they were removing the old pine floors from a back room, they found approximately, $100,00 in gold and silver coins. The coins dated between 1810 and 1832.

A farmer was plowing his field when he discovered to his amazement that he had scattered hundreds of old coins throughout his field. Apparently the coins were hidden in some sort of container that had broken from his  plow blades.

These are just a few of the stories of people finding treasures on their properties.

To Find Treasures Nearby 
Think Like The Person Doing The Hiding

In addition, I have been called to locate treasures for individuals who thought that perhaps their spouse or parents might have buried money or jewelry for safekeeping. After the spouse dies, or the parents pass on, if no one knows of the buried treasure, then that cache stays hidden, quite possibly forever. I have been fortunate enough to locate some of these caches for those families.

To find treasures you do not have to be a professional, but you do need to research. It’s true that some individuals, like the husband and wife mentioned above, or that lucky farmer, do have treasures fall into their laps, but the vast majority of caches need to be researched.

Try to think like the person hiding their valuables.  Ask yourself these questions.

Where is a good spot for me to hide this stuff without anyone seeing me retrieve it?

Where is an easy area to get to when I want to add to the cache, or to retrieve it?

Do I need a marker like a tree or a rock to remember where I hid my treasure?

Read old history books of your area. Some times they will tell a story about a robbery that was never solved and the stolen loot was never recovered.

Old history books sometimes will mention a story about a wealthy recluse who died and left behind a treasure that was never recovered.

Old newspapers also are also a good leads for the above stories.

To give you an idea as to where to start your research, visit my page here.

Every State has stories about buried treasures. Of course, some may be just a piece of fiction perpetrated over the years, but in fact, many of these stories have proven to be true. Treasure hunters have researched the stories further, and have located buried caches of all types. And many of these treasures were found close to where the searcher was living.

Be careful if you happen to be treasure hunting on any State or Federal lands.

You may be breaking the law if you dig or remove any item older than 100 years.

Find Treasure With a Metal Detector

Find Treasures in Your State

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado,

And sometimes you can find treasures in these areas.

Good Luck and happy treasure hunting!

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