Find Gold Rings With a Simple Adjustment on Your Metal Detector

How to find gold rings was no secret for my old friend and treasure-hunting mentor Dan. He had hundreds of gold rings on display. They were inside his treasure hunting shop. Besides those on display, Dan said he sold hundreds more throughout his sixty plus years of detecting. He found every one of them with a metal detector. Dan used a simple knowledge of metal detecting and a methodical approach to finding all those rings. Simply, Dan searched parks and schoolyards in the “all metal mode”. And he dug every signal.

Old man Dan was a treasure hunter extraordinaire. He didn’t just search schoolyards and parks. Dan panned for gold in Alaska. He traveled to Europe in search of ancient relics. He researched for and located treasures all across America. Dan knew what he was doing. So when he spoke, I listened. When Dan preached searching in “all metal” to find gold coins and rings, I knew he was right because the evidence of so many of his gold rings was on display.

Many of us know that most parks and beaches are filled with trash. Pull tabs, tin foil, bottle caps, and every piece of junk you can think of has been sadly tossed onto the ground by scumbags who frequent those areas. Trying to detect through that junk, even with the discrimination of your detector set to eliminate most of it, is a nightmare. So the thought of searching in the “all metal” mode and digging every signal is like listening to fingernails scratching along a blackboard. But, in doing so, patience can be rewarded with gold.

Dan had that patience. And, his patience paid off HUGELY.  He knew if he discriminated out all of those bottle caps, and pull-tab signals, then he would most likely be missing the gold rings. Remember, those pull-tabs and some other junk items register in the same range as gold. So if you want to find gold rings, set your detector to “all metal,” dig those pull-tabs, bottle caps, and junk. And then watch your gold ring inventory increase.

Find Gold Rings Without Breaking Any Laws

Be sure that when you’re metal detecting that you’re are not breaking any laws.

If you are in a park, or on a beach, where most rings are lost, look for posted signs showing if metal detecting is not permitted.

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