Electrolysis Rust Removal

By Frank W. Pandozzi

Electrolysis rust removal is a system used to clean the rust from the corroded relics we dig up. Although the method explained here is safe and effective, you do need to take precaution. Before I explain how to set up this system, here is a simple definition of what electrolysis is

“the producing of chemical changes by passing of an electric current through an electrolyte.”

First you need to gather up the items needed to clean off that rust. Here is a list of what you need.

A battery charger, 6-10 amps.

A plastic pal works great. The 5 gallon type is perfect. To be safe, it must be non conducting.

A piece of iron to be used as an electrode (2)

Arm and Hammer washing soap, not baking soda

Copper wire

Wire cables

Begin by mixing the washing soap in the bucket. Use 5 gallons of water and ½ cup of soap.

Next you need to put the electrodes in the buckets. Be sure they are cleaned at the ends where the copper wires are used to tie them together. You need a good, clean connection. Now wrap the ends of the electrodes that are sticking out of the water, with the copper wire. Tie them together. You need to wrap the wire around both of the iron electrodes.

Now you need to place the item you are cleaning into the bucket. Set the item in the center of the bucket but do not let it touch the bottom or the electrodes. You can suspend the piece by using a length of iron placed across the top of the bucket. Clamp a chain to the item being cleaned, and do the same to the rod. Then hang the piece into the mixed solution.

Next you need to attach the battery charger. You do this by clamping the negative lead from the charger to the item that is being cleaned. Now attach the positive lead to the electrodes you tied together. Be sure that the electrodes and the item to be cleaned are not touching. Now turn on the charger. You will begin to see some bubbles begin to form around the item you are cleaning. This means that your item is now being cleaned.


During this electrolysis rust removal cleaning system, do not put your hands into the solution or touch the electrodes while the charger is turned on. Be sure there is no one smoking nearby, and make sure there are no flames of any kind in the room where you are working.


The author of this article will not be held responsible for the injury caused by anyone attempting this cleaning method.

Here are some pictures of rust removal using this method.

Electrolysis rust removal is a great way to clean items found in these areas.

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