Edgewater Park, the beach

by David
(Brook Park, Ohio, Cuyahoga)

I am sorry I can't remember the date this happened. I had bought a inexpensive metal detector and contacted the odnr for a permit which was required at that time, I don't know if it still is for Metal Detecting. I was looking around the sand and near the grassy parts where most people go to enjoy the beach, it was very early in the morning around 6AM. As I searched I stopped because I heard a ping, I didn't know how to adjust the MD to filter these out. I stuped down and picked up a can tab, you know the old fashioned kind that came off the can. I put it in my pocket to keep for sentimental reasons, after all, it was my first find in Ohio. Well no sooner did I have it in my pocket than a young man came up to me and demanded it, saying it was his lost ring. I pulled out the aluminum tab and he brushed it off my hand onto the sand. He then wanted to know what was in my pockets. I refused to give him anything of mine. A police officer then came up to us and inquired what I had found. I told him, and told him about this young guy who was still standing there. The police officer told him to leave and as he left he threatened me. Then the police officer demanded to know what I was doing, despite my having the MD in my hand, obvious to anyone. Then he told me to leave. That was the last time I tried to do any MD'ing in Ohio.
The first time I went MD'ing was in California while I was in the US Navy. I brought my wife to Coronado park, near the hotel there, in hopes of making a big find. I found 20 pennies none very old. Then someone came up to me with the "I lost my ring" story "and I think you found it!" I told that person to get away from me. While I was standing there a woman came along, some real lunatic female, in a formal white dress and she said that she had lost a tennis bracelet. The rest of her story was just too goofy to repeat.
But here is what I am saying. Go out MD'ing and every oportunistic nut in these United States or where ever you are doing it, will come up to you and demand whatever you found. Also, I have had no luck with the police helping me. Usually they behave like I am some kind of felon and are looking to run me in. Talking back to these people and letting them know that I have the appropriate permits and permissions won't work. They don't want to hear it. I don't feel like going to jail.
But yes. I want to MD and have a newer MD now. But in all the sites that I have ever read about this hobby nobody has mentioned what I have here. That there are people who will come up to you and demand whatever you have found. That the police will chase you away and don't want to hear you explain anything to them, especially that you have the appropriate permissions or permits. I went to a desert area run by the BLM and found a button I was sure was civil war button. I wrote a story and sent it in to a MD mag. I was told I was lying. That told me something. It sent the message to me that all these people do are to write stories to lure people into buying MD equipment and detectors. Because surely if you do find something, even something as inconsequential as a button, they won't believe it, because they think they know, nobody can find anything. And these were people who sold a MD Magazine!
I plan on using my new MD in my own yard, on my own property. Then, if I can get the appropriate permits, I will look elsewhere. Knowing that people will come up to me and try to obtain whatever I may find, even can tabs. (Oh and as to the button, my wife took it and I don't know where it is today. We are divorced too.)
So if you are new to this hobby, as I am, because despite the years, I haven't gone out that much, and lunatics and police have caused me to abandon this hobby time after time; just know that what I have stated here is true. People will come up to you, the police will chase you away. You won't find a lot of things. Just pop tabs maybe, and some pennies. That's all for now.

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May 31, 2011

Dave, that's the spirit!
by: Frank

Dave, I like your attitude about not giving up detecting. And you seem to know about some very good areas to MD in. Keep us posted with what you find. We'd love to see some pics to.

May 30, 2011

Came back to see if anyone commented
by: David

Thank you for responding. I am too stubborn to give up permanently. I've been thinking of joining a MD Club. Besides the MD I bought on for $169.00 supposedly sells for $669.00 and is water proof. I hate to lose money so I will have to go out and use it. I got a email from ODNR that says I don't need a permit anymore to md the beaches but do need to get the park managers permission before doing this in any state parks. I am not sure how to go about inquiring of property owners their permission to md their properties. The idea of going up to someone's door and disturbing them is not appealing to me. I have looked up several places in Ohio that seem prime to find things, abandoned Amusement parks, and somewhere on the Vermillion Ohio beaches old silver coins can be found due to a wreck in the 1800's. Due to my lack of success finding anything of real value I really don't do this for great finds though. Quite seriously, I do it for the exercise; walking around holding a md is exercise; finding something would be icing on the cake. like anyone else I'd love to do some treasure hunting and may try St. Augustine Florida, a Spanish galleon wrecked with tons of Aztec gold, people still find things there today. There are many more places to go and I even read of a guy who MD'd places that supposedly had been panned out by droves of Md'ers who took his time and found quite a few interesting finds. Then there are the mines of NC which for a fee allow one to mine for gemstones, not just there but there are other states as well. There is a gold claim in Ohio, S. Central I think.
But getting back to what I said first, I am looking for a club nearby Brook Park, Ohio. Since I am a newbie and there is much to learn a club seems the ideal way to do it. I will probably strike out on my own to check a beach again. Though this time I may take a stun gun with me, I have a CCW and a stun gun is legal. Though I will recheck the laws to make sure I don't get in trouble. No. I don't carry a gun, my son got me to get the CCW. Useless waste of money in my opinion. Mainly due to the restrictions that go along with it. Besides I'd feel crazy carrying one in this day and age. The stun gun is about the size of a pen and should be adequate to put off any attackers, just have to make sure that parks and public places don't restrict people from having them. As to going with a partner, I am a loner type not easy to get along with; however; I am sure clubs do outings etc.
The MD I bought is a GC-1019 Metal Detector it has a nifty booklet to get one started and I bought the kit from Heartland which had the scooper digger thing, headphones and a carry bag. I don't know about anyone else but I go in for inexpensive (cheap :)) things. This fit the bill. Ok that's all for now. Dave

May 21, 2011

Too Bad
by: Jim Stout

I have never had any of these problems. I will pray for you that your experience changes.

May 21, 2011

No bad luck here
by: Anonymous

Man I am sorry to hear about all the trouble you have had while MDing. I am glad to say that I have not encountered anything of the sort. I have found jewlery, coins and relics of all kinds and here is a link to see the relics that I and my MDing freinds have found.

May 22, 2011

by: Robbie

Hey Dave
What a bummer.I`ve had people often ask(have you found anything)or what are you doing?Duh.I`m just playing in the dirt digging out the trash.Or they will say you should go to the beach.I hope things get better for you.

May 21, 2011

Not Always!
by: Frank

David, thank you for your comment. I am sorry that you had some bad experiences while metal detecting. Even while you had the proper permits. I agree their are many people out their that will try to ruin your day when detecting. And the police can be a pain. However, I have been metal detecting/treasure hunting all across the US for almost 35 years, and I know many, many, others who do the same, and I must say that between all of us, we have probably had no more than a dozen of these occurrences happen to us.

To the newbies who want to metal detect, I tell them with all sincerity, that metal detecting is the greatest hobby there is, even though our laws are as antiquated as our finds, and that some people will try and ruin your day. I also tell them to detect on private property by asking permission, or on State Lands by getting permits. By doing so they are away from mainstream America and their roaming eyes, and also increasing your chances of finding some very rare finds. Remember, every State has a law that tells us not to dig artifacts on State land, unless you have a permit to do so. Not all states offer permits, and if do they are very hard to get.

To allow others to dictate to us how we act, feel, and react to this hobby is giving in to their childish, and often times, ignorant notions.

Thanks again for your comment Dave.

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