Dropa Stones
Another Kind Of Treasure

Some treasures cannot be explained, such as the Dropa Stones.

Treasures are often referred to as lost or buried. Some treasures can also be mystical or metaphysical in nature, and there are treasures of the unexplained.

In 1938 in the Baian-Kara-Ula Mountains that border and divides China and Tibet a remarkable discovery was made.


A Remarkable Discovery

Chi Pu Tei an archaeologist and professor at Beijing University was exploring caves in the Himalayan Mountains. With him were students from the University. What Chi Pu Tei found inside the caves were ancient burial sites.

This was an exciting discovery for the archaeologist and his students. However, what was even more exciting was what he discovered inside the burial sites.

Chi came upon the skeletal remains of people. However, the skeletons only measured approximately four feet tall. What the surprised archaeologist also noticed was that the skulls were unusually large. His remark was said to be, “Who ever heard of apes burying one another?”

So What Were Buried In Those caves?

After further exploration of the caves it was determined that apes were not buried there. However, what professor Chi Pu Tei found during subsequent exploring only added to the confusion of the caves.

Carved on the walls were pictograms. The images were of the heavens, sun, moon, stars and the Earth. Lines of dots connected them.

As the team of explorers continued in awe and searching the cave they came upon another fascinating find. In the dirt of the cave floor, half buried, was a stone disk approximately nine inches in diameter. It was ¾ inches thick and had a round hole in the center, it was also ¾ inches in size.

The disk had grooves carved, or etched into its face. The disk resembled a phonograph record. The stone disk had appeared to have been carved or chiseled by someone.

Studies were done to try and date the strange disc. It appeared to be between 10,000 and 12,000 years old.

After further exploring of the caves a total of 716 stone discs were found. It was also determined that each one of the discs grooves depicted not grooves, but carved hieroglyphics, or writings.

The strange looking characters were of a language that had never been seen before. However, in 1962 a Chinese scientist decoded the wording carved into the stone discs. The message was of such an incredible story that the translation of the message was prohibited from being published.

After years of arguments and compromise among the Chinese government and Beijing Academy the message of the stone discs was made public.

And what messages were carved into the dropa stones, that shocked everyone.

For years, many tried to unravel the strange codes carved into the dropa stones.

Dr. Tsum Um Nui a Chinese professor began studying the strange discs in the mid 60’s. Hour after hour he transcribed the small, strange, codes onto paper and then tried to decipher them. The characters were so small that the professor could not understand how anyone could have carved them with such detail.

Hour after hour, day after day, and then into months, professor Nui worked on decoding the symbols. At first his efforts were slow and tedious. Then as a word emerged then came a sentence. After a while the professor became more proficient in decoding the strange language.

And then finally, professor Tsum Um Nui had cracked the strange code. He now realized that the information he was about to publish could rewrite history and/or cause an uproar.

The Dropa Stones Messages

The messages on the stone discs had been written by people who called themselves Dropas. Professor Tsum Um Nui published a paper entitled, “The Grooved Script Concerning Spaceships Which, as Recorded on the Discs, Landed on Earth 12,000 Years ago.”

As the professor had expected, the archaeology community and his peers ridiculed him. The story they said was outrages and could have never happened.

What Tsum Um Nui deciphered from the strange symbols was the story of how a space probe from another planet crash-landed in the Baian Kara Ula Mountains of the Himalayas.

Dropa Stones Came From Another Planet?

The occupants were Dropas and they found refuge in the mountain caves. The stone disc mentioned that the Dropa tried to repair their spacecraft so that they could return back to their home planet, but were unsuccessful; therefore they became stranded on Earth. A local tribe called the Ham who lived in nearby caves hunted the Dropas, eventually killing most of them.

One of the messages on the cave walls was translated to read, “The Dropa came down from the clouds in their aircraft. Our men, women, and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise. When at last they understood the sign language of the Dropa, they realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions…”

Did Any Descendants Survive?

Two pygmy tribes who call themselves Dropa, and the Han inhabit the area of the caves. The adults stand at between 3- foot- 6 inches and 4- foot- 7.

The average height is 4- foot- 2. They weigh between 38 and 52 pounds. The skin is yellow and they have very large heads and thin bodies.

Their eyes are large and not of Asian features. The irises of the pygmies are pale blue in color. A study of the two tribes was done by Anthropologists to try and determine what race the two tribes had originated from; they were unsuccessful in doing so. The Dropa nor the Han are either Chinese or Tibetan.

Apparently an ancient Chinese tale tells about a strange creature, it may have to do with the Dropa. The story is about a small, slender, yellow-skinned people who came to Earth from the clouds, and they were despised by everyone because of how ugly they were.

It is important also to note that the dropa stones found in the caves contained some very strange properties. Tests showed that the granite stones contained high concentrations of cobalt and other metals.

Dropa Stones Were Too hard To Carve By Hand

This very hard stone would have been impossible for any primitive society to carve the strange symbols with such small characters into the discs.

And just as surprising? When tested with an oscillograph, the stone discs produced a strange rhythm as if they had been charged with electricity.

What the dropa stones are and where they came from are questions that may never be answered. However, in themselves the discs are treasures because they are few and questioned. They are treasures of the unknown.

Lost Treasure Stories

There may not be any dropa stones in these areas...but they're fun to search.


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