Dr.Franken Murray P.H.D.*(RETIRED)

by franken Murry

I realize that a woman is for ever..but my wife saw the commercial on detecting..went to a whites detector store-bought-returned home.."HERE old Doctor..go do somthing with you'r old bones for a change!!so, here i went to the resevoir park..and sure as sunshine..i found 3-rings,twenty nickels,13 dimes,a broken pocket watch and some sort of fraternal amulet from 1927 .all in 2 1/2 hours.Surprised...i went agin the next day and found 37 dimes,23 nickles,18 quarters,and 47 pennies and a ton of trashy things i just kept any old how!!Boy..i thought life was over for Me!!but No..the young buck i bumped into was a pro at detecting and invited me to go to the beach to do REAL hunting!!So long rat patrol and twighlight zone movies and no more POOR OLD DOCTOR!! Thank you charlotte for the new LIFE and i will find that RING FOR SURE!!happy hunting-DR.F.MURRY-P/H.DIG A TOY Today!!_Florida

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Mar 27, 2011

Your Never To Old!
by: Frank

Franken, I loved your story - thanks! Your story just goes to show people that metal detecting is a hobby that many older folks participate in to stay young. You are an inspiration for the hobbyist. Thanks again!

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