"DOUG HOLLY"-Science teacher barrrington H.S. illinois

by doug Holly
(downer grove ,illinois.)

coin finds

coin finds

I was tricked into buying an detector by my stusents who insisted on making me dig-up history and not being such a INSIDE Couch potatoe...So i purchased an $250 radio shack setector and went to an old farm area-Low and behold i found coins in mason jars-(3)under an old fence line by the property...and to make me real hooked ..i found jewelry and silver trays and spoons and tea serving items buried in the lawn or front area of this delapitated farm house here in illinois...i am totally surprized i have never realized this potential of an outlet and i am Floored at These discoveries.VALUE--coins $1000.00 Jewelry-$800 silver tea set and spoons $2000 im not going to be a AT HOME POTATOE any longer..!!!i have been on the computer and googled some old farm areas and will relate the finds later!Thank you, Douglas Holly-science teacher(RELIC FINDER!!)

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Sep 15, 2010

by: Frank Pandozzi

Doug, thanks for a great story and pics. Believe me, I know how excited you were when you found those coins. And yes, it's easy to get hooked with this great hobby. Please keep us posted with any new finds.


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