Connecticut Topo Maps

Connecticut topo maps come in a variety of choices. However, before I show you some options, I’d like to give you a brief explanation of the topography of Connecticut.

The State of Connecticut is 12,997 square miles. 4872 square miles consists of land. It has four main regions. In the Central Lowlands are the Connecticut and Quinnipiac Rivers which are valleys that form the lowlands. The valleys run north and south through the State.

The Eastern Highlands of Connecticut reach heights of between 500 and 1100 feet near the Massachusetts border, and into the southeast portion of the State.

The Western Highlands are an extension of the Green Mountains, and range from 200 feet in the south, and 2000 feet in the northwest. The highest peak in the State is Mt. Frissell located in the Western Highlands.

Connecticut Topo Maps

The Coastal Lowlands are shallow bays, rocky peninsulas, and beaches made up of sand and gravel. In this area are also some of the State’s best harbors such as, New London, New Haven, and Mystic.

The two largest bodies of waters, both artificial, are Lake Candlewood, and the Barkhamstead Reservoir. The main river is the Connecticut River which is 407 miles long. However, only 69 miles of this river runs through Connecticut. The Connecticut River nearly divides the State in half, and eventually empties into Long Island Sound.

Connecticut also consists of tidal marshes that have a variety of vegetation such as salt grasses, glasswort, purple gerardia, and seas lavender. On the slopes near the marshes are black and switch grass, marsh elder and sea myrtle. The swamp areas of the State contain many different varieties of ferns, cattails, cranberry, skunk cabbage, sweet pepperbush, spicebush, and false hellebore. If you venture into any of these areas it is important that you carry a topo, and or a GPS.

There are many types of topos and the enormity of the choices can actually end up confusing the consumer looking to purchase one. However, due to the competition among map makers, the quality of the maps has increased. Although there have been many new map producers entering the market, I believe the best topos are still being produced by long standing companies like Garmin, DeLorme, and National Geographic. Whether you are looking for Connecticut maps that are software, or a hard product like the Gazetteer, I’m sure you will be surprised at the variety and the features of the many maps that are listed below.


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Connecticut Topo Maps Are A Great Way To Discover The Outdoors.

Here Is More Information About What Topography Is

And, if you enjoy the hobby of metal detecting, or you are thinking about pursuing the hobby, using Connecticut topo maps to locate these areas is a definite advantage.

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