College ring

by Rick Wiley
(Diagonal, Iowa)

My family and I go to Wilmington, Delaware every summer where my wife is from. Her family still lives there. We usually end up going to the southern part of the state where the beaches are located. Rehoboth Beach in particular. Being an avid golfer I always take my clubs. On this particular day my brother-in-law and I had just finished up at a driving range. I was leaning on the car waiting for him to change his shoes. I happened to look down in the hard sand and saw what I thought was a pop top. I kicked at it with my toe and noticed it was gold and round. I took my divot tool and dug it up. Turns out it was a college football championship ring from a college in New York State. After some research we found out it was a coachs ring. We got his name from the college website. Turns out he had retired and lived in this area. After calling several of the same names in the phone book, I got the correct household. His wife told me that he had passed away a year ago. He had been to the driving range several times and apparently had lost it out of his pocket. He was upset because this was his second championship ring. He had given his first ring to a grandson and had intended to give this one to his other grandson. I made arrangements to have his widow stop and pick it up. She gave me a bottle of wine for my efforts. I hate wine but was glad the family had it back.

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Jul 27, 2012

Thanks Rick!
by: Frank

Rick, this was a nice story and a great gesture on your part of returning that ring. Many of us who have metal detectors and find rings, usually class rings, if we can, we will locate the owners and return the ring.

Thanks for your story!

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