Caching the tree

by Thomas Mankovich
(Upstate New York)

My name is Tommy, and my first metal detecting find was 5 years ago, I was 16 and it was an old posted sign. (Haha) I had permission however. Anyways my best find was 4 months ago, I was detecting out on an old abandoned New Jersey farmstead and having rotten luck, mostly garbage for the first hour and a half. However I had read online about people hiding stuff in and around trees. So surely enough I spotted a few large trees (well over 100 years old) at the edge of the property. The first two were nothing, however I saw a dead tree further in and it had a large knothole in it and after I went up to it, I moved my detector over it and it just went berserk, so I reached in, nervously because of animals, and pulled back the remains of a nest, nuts and 4 peace dollars. I couldn't believe it, so I kept going and it was like a dream come true. My heart was about to beat out of my chest!! I've never found a haul like this and I will probably never again. I found a total of 11 peace dollars, 4 morgan silver dollars, $6.70 in assorted silver coinage, (all pre WWII) 8 rings, 5 of which were gold, and a platinum Howard pocket watch in terrible shape. I also found a rusty revolver at the bottom of all this. I mean I was awestruck, this place has been abandoned for over 40 years and I'm not the first to detect on the land, somebody told me about the place and I thought I might find a few wheaties or maybe a silver coin if I was lucky. But wow! I'm not sure what to make of the find, a friend told me it was probably from a robbery of the house in the past and the stuff got stashed in the tree in panic. I personally have no clue as to its history. All I know is that it was the greatest find I ever found, my family almost died when I showed them my backpacks front compartment. Just thought that I'd share with you guys. It definitely taught me that there is hope on any property and there are still incredible finds to be discovered. Good luck on the hunt everyone!!

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Jan 03, 2014

Nice story
by: Robbie

I wish you had pictures of your find so that we all could drool.

Jan 02, 2014

Good Job
by: Jim Stout


That is how you do it. You keep at it and another cache will come your way.

I have only found small amounts, but it is still fun to this day. And a very peaceful way to spend a sunny afternoon.

keep up the good work.

Jim Stout
Baytown, Texas

Jan 02, 2014

WOW Tommy, Nice Finds!
by: Frank

Thanks for posting your story. It's amazing where we can find stuff if we're willing to open our eyes and observe what's around us. There are so many places where people have stashed goodies that one could write an encyclopedia of where they have been hidden. Thanks again Tommy.


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