Buried Treasure in Utah
Five Sites to Search

Buried treasure in Utah can be located. But you need certain tools, both physical and mental. A good metal detector is a must, and solid research of the area you would like to search in is very important.

Below are five areas in Utah I have listed that have been rumored for years to have buried treasure. However, do your research first. Do not rely just on the information I have given here. This information has been handed down for many years. And as treasure stories go, many have been changed just enough to throw off a true search. The more information you have, the better your chances of locating any treasure. Ask questions, read history books, and visit libraries, and State Historical societies.

You Do Not Need An Expensive Metal Detector

Metal detectors have made treasure hunting and searching for buried treasure much easier. Years ago the old timers searching for hidden loot, used pick axes and shovels only after they guessed where a cache may be buried. In today’s modern world of treasure hunting the advent of the metal detector has made the adventure much more interesting, and in many instances, rewarding. Buried treasure in Utah has been discovered in the past, but the research was done first.

If you do not own a metal detector, but you are thinking of purchasing one, do not spend a lot of money. A good, reliable detector can be purchased for approximately $250. There are many different kinds on the market. I’ve used just about every make in forty years of metal detecting/treasure hunting, and personally, I always come back to the Garrett family of detectors.

If you are interested you can visit my Garrett page here.

Buried Treasure in Utah

Here are five areas in Utah that have stories about buried treasure.

The Treasure of the Golden Jesus - in 1810 an alleged, very large crucifix of solid gold was hid in a cave along with forty burro loads of buried treasure. The cave is supposedly located between Escalante and Boulder, near the Escalante River, close to County 12, in Garfield county. 

The Lost Silver Ledge of Santa Clara - During the Mormon War in 1857, leaders of this religious group were supposed to have hidden a large treasure near the old Spanish road as it crosses the Santa Clara River, approximately ten miles southwest of St. George, Washington County.  Brigham Young was rumored to have buried three million dollars in treasure in St. George.

The Montezuma Hoard -  is a supposed cache of between ten and one hundred million dollars of buried treasure. This treasure was rumored to have been removed from Mexico by the Aztecs to keep it from Cortez. The treasure is assumed to be hidden in caves on White Mountain near Kanab.

The Lost Josephine Gold Mine - had ore being assayed at $50,000 a ton during the 19th century. It is located near other abandoned gold mines in the Henry Mountains near Waterpocket Canyon in Garfield County.

Famous Outlaw Butch Cassidy - buried treasure worth approximately $72,000 in gold and silver coins  was cached approximately ten miles southeast of Castle Dale, in Emery County. The treasure was supposedly hidden in Buckhorn Wash in the Coal Cliffs.

Know What The Laws Are

It is important that you always ask for permission when entering private property. If you are going on to State or Federal Land, in search for buried treasure, be sure to check with your State laws about any digging.

Buried treasure in Utah may exist in ghost towns. And there are ghost town in the east also.

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