Buried Treasure in Pennsylvania 
Seven Areas To Search

Buried treasure in Pennsylvania consists of treasures from the Revolutionary War, shipwrecks, and personal caches buried by family members. However, before you venture out to search for these treasures, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to do more research on the lost treasures I’ve listed below, and second, if you do not own a metal detector, you should purchase one. A metal detector makes searching for treasure much easier.

Research is important to locating any lost treasure. Below I have listed some brief stories relating to hidden treasure in Pennsylvania. However, you should expand your knowledge of these stories by researching further on the Internet. It’s also a good idea for you to visit the historical societies in each area that you are searching. Read as much as you can about the treasure you are searching for. Ask questions, and follow up any new information you may come across.

If you do not own a metal detector you should purchase one. Treasure hunting is much easier if you have a metal detector to help you in your search. Do not spend a lot of money on your first detector. You can purchase a good, new detector for between $350-$450. Stay away from the high end metal detectors with all of the bells and whistles. Those are for the more advanced users. Buy an inexpensive detector, read the owners manual, and practice using it. You will find just enough goodies with the less expensive models as many of the individuals who use the higher end detectors .

Buried Treasure in Pennsylvania Sites

Here are seven areas to begin your search for buried treasure in Pennsylvania.

The Delaware River Treasure - Approximately three miles southwest of Chester, on the bank of the Delaware River is a buried treasure consisting of 38,000 pieces of eight. The treasure was taken in 1742, by pirates that captured the Spanish ship San Ignacio El Grande. After burying the treasure, the pirates went to Philadelphia. A few weeks later they returned to the area but were unable to locate the treasure due to flooding that had occurred while they were in Philadelphia.

Near the summit of Snowshoe Mountains, are several barrels of stolen money. The loot was taken from several banks by Confederate raiders, and then placed in the barrels. They then buried the barrels near the summit approximately one mile west of Wingate.

In 1775, a Revolutionary War paymaster was attacked by Indians. He quickly buried approximately $150,000 in gold and silver coins that were on it’s way to General Braddock. The area where the treasure was buried was on Laurel Hill, near Farmington. The paymaster was killed, and never revealed exactly where he buried the cache.

Spanish Hill, located on the Susquehanna River approximately one mile south of Sayre may hold a large Spanish treasure.

Approximately one mile south of Wernersville in an abandoned well is $100,000 in gold and silver coins. The treasure was cached by a band of Tories during the Revolutionary War. The treasure also consists of silver plate, and jewelry.

The Miner‘s cache, is a story about a prospector burying $50,000 in gold dust and nuggets, a few hundred yards off Golden and Silber Falls, located in the Coast Range Mountains, approximately twenty-three miles northeast of North Bend, on route 101.

Located on route 30, not far from Malvern, was the scene of a large battle between George Washington and the British in September 1777. Apparently, during the battle a major rain storm pelted the troops causing a flood and the loss of equipment and personal belongings. There may be many relics, which could amount to small treasures in the area.

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Good luck! And have fun in your search for buried treasure in Pennsylvania.

Anytime you are going on to private property be sure to ask for permission. If you are going on to State or Federal lands to search for buried treasure in Pennsylvania, you should know the laws of that State.

Know the law about digging on State or Federal lands.

Buried treasure in Pennsylvania may be located in ghost towns.

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