Buried Treasure In Nevada
Six Places To Search

Much of the buried treasure in Nevada have to do with the lost gold and silver mines from the 1800‘s. There are opportunities to find these abandoned mines, I know individuals who have located some of them in other parts of the country. However, you need more than just a story about a lost mine. You need to put in many hours of visibly searching the areas where the mines were said to be located.

What makes searching for the old mines more difficult is the fact that over the years, many of the mines entrances have caved in. If you are going to attempt to search for a lost mine, a good tool to have with you is a metal detector.

Using a detector around areas where mines are said to be located is a good why of knowing whether or not a mine is in the area. If there is, the detector will pick up silver and gold traces.

Are you thinking of purchasing a metal detector? Do not spend more that $450. A good price range of between $350-$450 is all you need. The more expensive detectors are for the more advanced hobbyists.

It is important that you are very careful when searching for lost mine treasure. Much of the areas are remote and dangerous. Hiking into some of these places can be rewarding if your prepared.

Buried treasure in Nevada also include outlaw caches, and ghost towns.

Here are six places to begin your search for buried treasure in Nevada.

Spanish Spring, located approximately eight miles southeast of an old ghost town, named Manhattan, has buried treasure hidden by Spanish miners during the 1700’s.

Coyote Springs, is a ghost town on route 93, approximately twenty-five miles north of Crystal Springs. During the 1870’s this area was an outlaw hideout. Many buried treasures may be there.

The Lost Gunsight Gold Mine, is located near Bullfrog Hills, approximately eight miles northwest of Beatty. This gold mine was lost in 1850.

The Comstock Lode is located outside of Virginia City. This site was a very rich area that produced more than $300 million of gold and silver. Many of the mines can still be worked today.

The Knights Lost Gold Mine, is located near Sand Spring in the Painted Hill Mountains.

The Lost Easterly Gold Ledge, is located near the ghost town of Midas, near the mouth of Willow Creek, near Monument Peak.

For more information on where and how to research for lost treasures, please visit my page here.

Good luck! And have fun in your search for buried treasure in Nevada.

Anytime you are going on to private property be sure to ask for permission. If you are venturing on to State or Federal lands you should know the laws of that State.

Visit here for more information on State laws regarding relic hunting, treasure hunting, and artifacts.

Buried treasure in Nevada may be located in ghost towns.

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