Buried Treasure In Mississippi

Buried treasure in Mississippi is everything from pirate treasure to Civil War treasure.

How many times have you dreamed of finding a treasure that was buried? Or perhaps your just interested in reading stories about lost treasures. Whatever your interest, this page, and my entire website has the information you need to wet your appetite.

If you do plan on searching for a cache there are two things you need to do. First, do more research, and second, buy a metal detector if you do not own one.

Professional treasure hunters never begin their search without first doing the necessary research about the treasure they want to search for. You need to the same. Gather all the information you can, use the stories below as a starting point, research them further, and then begin your search.
As for a metal detector. You do not need an expensive detector. You can buy a decent detector new, for anywhere between $250-$350.  Learn how your detector works, study the owners manual, and you will be rewarded with years of adventure.

Buried Treasure in Mississippi Sites

Ship Island, located off Gulport is an area where many ships are wrecked. Many coins and relics have been located on the south side of the Island.

The Catahouia Plantation, manor house supposedly has a vast amount of gold coins and jewelry buried near there. The treasure was buried during the Civil War. The plantation was located on the shores of the Catahoula Creek, approximately one half mile east of Picayune.

Calico Dick, the pirate apparently buried a treasure of pirate loot in a bayou approximately three miles south of Pearlington.

Confederate soldiers,during the Civil War, while on the run, buried $80,000 in gold coins near the old Napoleon Church site, located approximately one hundred yards from the Pearl River near Waveland, close to St. Louis Bay.

Privateer Captain Dave, supposedly buried approximately $200,000 in treasure in an oak tree grove on an old plantation near Pass Christian.

Are you aware that there are laws about digging on State or Federal lands?

If you break the law, you may be arrested.

The first, reality, metal detecting, TV series was produced and hosted by me. My series set off a fire storm of hate from the archaeology community. They did not like the fact that we were showing our viewers how to dig relics. The archaeologists lied, and publicly stated that we were digging illegally, which we were not. We filmed on private property with permission. They tried to close down my company. They hired lawyers. But in the end, I beat them back.

Buried treasure in Mississippi may be located in ghost towns.

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