Buried Treasure In Louisiana

Buried treasure in Louisiana is hidden in many areas of the State. For years there have been stories about pirates hiding their booty in Louisiana. There are also stories about outlaws burying money, and stolen payrolls from the Civil War that have never been recovered. Below I have listed a few of those stories.

Although I have listed a few areas of possible treasures in Louisiana, there are many more opportunities to locate a treasure cache in your state if you’re willing to put the time and effort into researching where they could be located. But do not become addicted to a Google search to try and find a story about a buried treasure in Louisiana. Most of the stories you’ll find there are often rewritten stories that have been around as a myth forever. Many of those online stories have led many treasure hunters searching for them. If you want to locate a hidden treasure, then look for the stories that not many or possibly know one know about.

Researching For Buried Treasure in Louisiana

For years, the old town newspapers often wrote articles about possible treasures. If you visit the local historical society of the area you want to search, they have old newspaper articles on microfilm. Read through the newspapers and look for any stories about the deaths of hermits or a recluse. Often they hid their valuables. Stories about bank robberies sometimes tell about the robbers hiding the loot they stole before being caught, or even killed. There are many hidden treasures cached by bank robbers across America that have never been located. The above information should be a good start to begin your journey to locate treasures in your state. Visit this page for more on researching for treasure.

Modern-day treasure hunters have an advantage over old-time treasure seekers. That is because the use of metal detectors makes searching more simplified. In the past, if a treasure hunter thought a treasure was buried in such and such spot, they would break out their shovel and begin digging. And most likely they ended up with an empty hole and a pile of dirt. So on to the next area, they went to dig another hole and hoped for the best. Today’s metal detectors take the work out of locating a possible treasure.

Find Buried Treasure in Louisiana Using a Metal Detector

“Find buried treasure in Louisiana with a metal detector.”

Do you plan on searching for one of these? If so, it’s a good idea to have a metal detector. If you don’t own one and are thinking of purchasing one, don’t spend a lot of money. $300 -$500 is all you need to spend on your first detector.

You do not need one with all of the bells and whistles which makes it harder for a newbie treasure hunter to learn.

Buried Treasure In Louisiana Sites

Have fun in your search for buried treasure in Louisiana.

Fallen Springs Campsite, a few miles east of Toledo Bend Reservoir, and approximately 4 miles south of Many, was a popular hideout for outlaws. It has been rumored that many small treasures are buried in the vicinity.

The steamboat John Adams sank near Island #82 on the Mississippi River. It was carrying $500,000 in gold.

Lafitte Village was founded by pirates. It is located approximately twenty miles south of Marrero. Jean Lafitte supposedly buried one million dollars in treasures near the cemetery where he is buried. The cemetery is located two miles south of Lafitte.

The Old Camp Place treasure is a story regarding Confederate soldiers burying $20,000 in silver and gold coins near Old Camp Place. Apparently the soldiers were being chased by Union troops. Old Camp Place is located approximately ten miles west of Monroe.

The Red River Treasure consists of approximately two million dollars in gold bullion. It was buried on the shore of the Red River near Coushatta.

Here are a few more lost treasures in Louisiana.

Know What The Laws Are

If you plan to search for treasure on private property it's always a good idea to ask for permission from the property owners.

Will you be going on to State or Federal Lands?

Here's What Happens If You Break The Federal Law

You can get arrested for breaking the above law. It does happen. I have listed a few of the incidents of people who have unknowingly broken the Antiquities law at the link below. Be careful!

People are getting arrested for breaking these laws.

Buried treasure in Louisiana may be located in ghost towns.

Buried Treasure Books

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