Buried Treasure In Idaho 
Seven Places To Search

Buried treasure in Idaho is hidden in many areas. I have listed a few stories about them below.

Over the years, as stories of lost treasures are told from person to person, or wrote about and re-written, the stories change. And it’s because of the inaccuracies of the story, that makes most treasures unable to be located. But these treasures can be found.

Many people have located hidden caches of every type. You can to. But you need to research stories of lost treasures beyond just a few paragraphs given in a story. Research is the secret to finding a treasure.


You can use the Internet to get started, however, what you will find there are stories that have not much more information than what I have given to you here. You need to go deeper with your research.

Visit the historical societies of the area you want to search in. Many times they have old newspaper articles that you can search that may help you gather more information about a treasure. Look for old books, or maps that could give you more information. Visit the National Archive’s. You can visit them online as well, and in some cases you may be able to download, or have sent to you in the mail, information pertaining to your search.

You need to do the legwork before you can venture into the field to actually begin looking for buried treasure in Idaho.

For more information on where and how to research for lost treasures, visit my page here.

Don't Spend a Fortune On a Metal Detector

You should have a metal detector. It makes searching for buried treasure in Idaho much easier. Unless of course you are searching inside homes or buildings.

Do not spend a lot of money on your first detector.

If you study the owners manual, and you practice using the detector, you will become proficient enough to search for any treasure.

Buried Treasure in Idaho Sites

Robbers Gulch on the Salmon River, approximately five miles southwest of White Bird, was used as a hideout by stagecoach bandits. Supposedly, $75,000 in gold bullion from a stagecoach robbery is buried here. Apparently the buried treasure was cached in high rocks near Robbers Gulch.

Somewher near Pierce City is one million in gold bullion. It was hidden by Ling Kee Nam, the man in charge of the Tong, and the large Chinese population of this mining area. Ling and his Chinese outlaws were hanged in 1885. The buried treasure was never located.

A gold miner in the 1890’s found a large amount of diamonds along the banks of Goose Creek near Rock Flat. The miner stated that he had found so many diamonds, by accident and that they had filled two bushels. The miner then buried some of the diamonds. After a flood had destroyed where he had placed his markers, he was unable to locate his cache of diamonds.

Dry Digging Ridge north of Warren, holds a treasure of gold ore worth $300,000.

On the banks of Camas Creek approximately 1 mile north of Camas, is a treasure of $25,000 in gold bullion. It was buried on the banks of Camas Creek in 1864.

In 1897 the owner of the Twin Springs Ranch, on the east side of Battle River, told a story on his deathbed, that he had buried $100,000 in California gold coins near his home. The treasure, apparently has never been found.

Jim Looney was a bandit that stole gold bullion worth $100,000 from the Boise-Kelton stagecoach in 1876. Looney supposedly buried the cache in the middle of the triangle made by the City of Rocks, in the town of Almo, and Cache Peak. Looney was later killed in a gun fight in a barroom. 

Pay Attention To Federal Laws.

Buried treasure in Idaho may be located in ghost towns.

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Here are a few more stories about lost treasures in Idaho.

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