Buried 57 Chevy

by Jim Stout
(La Porte, Texas)

I was working a shoreline area on Galveston Bay during a warm fall day this past 2010. Doing a slow sweep with the discriminator set to ignore beer tabs, I got a hit after about 30 minutes of work.

It took some digging but there she was, an original issue Hot Wheels 57 Chevy, Candy Apple Red, produced in the 60's when Hot Wheels were a new thing.

With some careful cleaning, she sits proudly in a display case. Total value, $5.00 U.S.

Oh I have found bigger things, like a door to some kind of crane, left that one in the dirt.

Peace and Grace.

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Mar 23, 2011

save all metal
by: Anonymous

LOL..........A door to a crane? I would have brought it home anyway. It would have went into the scrap metal bin and sold for melt. I put that money away to someday buy a Teknetics T-2.

Mar 23, 2011

Just tell me where to send it and you can have it.
by: Jim Stout

Mar 23, 2011

Love Those '57's
by: Frank

Jim, thanks for your post. I love finding those hot wheels. And the '57 was a great year. I owned a '57 back in the 60's. I wish I still had it.

Thanks again,

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