building codes

by Darrel deville

stan and I were re-wiring an old theatre in downtown baca springs texas and needed to get behind some wall panels of the theatre backstage.after getting permission to remove the panels we found several old $100 bills pated to the walls on the interior of the speaker housing wall-$3,000 dollars to be exact. the writting next to the money stated"whomever finds this luxury of gold notes must use it for christian endevours only!!signed, Brigette fontenot the II-stage performer from 1934...strange is the fact that the depression was on and why paste the bills on a stage interior wall? i would have lived on it for the next 5 years in her time!!! i come to find out tht brigette fontenot died in a fatal train accident in 1935. a circus -performer train and 25 people in all died . including a bear, a girrafee and two monkies from africa. the current owner simply said to take half of the notes and give him the other half..which we did and finished our wiring of the theatre for next weeks kid performance of Tom sawyer. but it goes to show that treasure's are everywhere and that if you seek out new areas will find God knows what!!! i suggest you research maps and old towns and old acreage farms and even front lawns of old homes-of course get permission first!!be safe-darrel deville-ft.worth,texas. 76021

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Oct 01, 2013

reading comprehension
by: Anonymous

Great story - great find. So, what part of the "must be used for Christian endeavours did you not understand when you and the owner pocketed the money? Or, did you use it for charity? Just wondering :-)

Nov 13, 2011

by: Frank

Darrel, what an interesting story! Yes it goes to show you that treasures are everywhere.

I am always amazed at where treasures are being located. However, I should not be. I've been doing this for so many years that although I know that treasures are everywhere, I still get excited when I hear stories like yours.

Thanks again,

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