British Boot Buckle and Cold weather Researching

by Robert
(New York)

british boot buckle

british boot buckle

I live in new York. I am 49 years young and I love to fish and metal detect. Metal detecting has taken up much of my time in the past 5 years .

I have found over $15.000 in gold jewlery in that time. I also got hooked on the history of my area and i have found Colonial coppers .Spanish reales and numerous coins from the mid 1800's.

A friend of mine and myself located a British redoubt and decided to hit it. Unfortunatly we statred hunting right when the weather changed to winter. We found some musketballs a few King George coppers and a British boot buckle which is in pretty good shape.

Now i sit at my Computer during this cold winter awaiting the thaw. I am doing a lot of researching and located a Civil war campsite where families from draft dodgers and deserters lived waiting out the ending of the Civil War .

They lived there for a few years in which many people past away and i am hoping their cache is still there to be found. I got permission to hunt it and now i just wait till spring. I am hoping this could be a jackpot. i spent over 100 hours (3 Years) on the reseach on its location and finshed up this past November.

I am like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. I am Confident that this area is Virgin territory and just waiting for me to arrive. When i hit it i will let you all know how i did.

Untill then Keep reseaching while the weather is cold and hopefully it will make it a hot summer. I am already hot on a trail of another site I hope to finish up the reseach in another 10 or 15 hours and I should be set and pretty busy when the weather stays at 50 degress.

Good luck Robert

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Jan 13, 2013

Tony, welcome to the hobby!
by: Frank

Hey Tony, welcome to the GREAT hobby of metal detecting. I would suggest joining the nearest metal detecting club. They have all kinds of info as to where to to detect. And remember, there is always asking for permission from private land owners. Also, my website here has more than enough information to get you started.

Do an Internet search for metal detecting clubs in your area.

Hope this helps.


Jan 09, 2013

New York Finds
by: Tony

I Live on Long Island and I am just starting in the metal detecting hobby....anyone have any idea's for me of where to go ? thanks in advance...

Jan 24, 2009

Nice Find
by: Frank

Hi Robert this is Frank, thanks for your post. Nice find!!Yes NY has much history from that era. Please keep us posted with how you are doing.

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