box find

by bill brisson

south louisiana

south louisiana

under the shrubbry of an old farm in southern louisiana comes this box of iorn???strange insignia on we hack the dern thing open and wow!!!gold coins from 1886 and some pictures of old pioneers...where / dont know but the box was found to be made in New orleans and the coins...excellent condition and 27 coins-worth $30,000.00 dollars ???oh shi^...i was reminded that proper research brought me to this site and that we did have permission from old man lejune the owner...but i did not tell him of the find!!sorry not going to tell the old geezzer because he will want the loot!!so off to the coin dealer and CASH$$$$$$ i have so many bills to pay its a sin...but remember to ASK before you dig!!!lots of fun and venture...Bill brisson-scott,louisiana.

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Mar 02, 2012

Bill, WOW, GREAT Story!
by: Frank

Bill, your story was AMAZING! Yes, keep the finds, don't say anything.

I have been preaching about doing proper research for years. I cannot stress enough that the work is in the research. Once that research is finished, it makes the actual search for a treasure much easier.

Thanks for a super story!

Mar 04, 2012

show me the pics
by: Anonymous

Stories are fun to read but some I don`t believe.
Show us some pictures.

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