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My metal detecting, (REAL REALITY) TV series was the first ever. And now…metal detecting/treasure hunting shows are popular.

Back then, the TV Execs used to tell me. “Sorry Frank. Shows like yours won’t work. We want more poker playing shows.”

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They Seized Our Lands
How the Powerful, Land Grabbed America

5 Ways to Earn Money with a Metal Detector 

Where To Find Treasure, Cash And Coins Using A Metal Detector

Gone But Not Forgotten, Ghost Towns of the Eastern States

49 Places To Metal Detect, And More

WE were the first to film a real, reality TV series about metal detecting.

The TV exec's said, "no one will watch a TV show about metal detecting. We want more poker game shows."

I proved them wrong. My TV series was popular in every state and watched at prime time. Since then, there has been many TV shows about metal detecting. 

Exploring History’s Treasures TV Series Links 

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The 5 eBooks You Will Receive Are:

They Seized Our Lands
How the Powerful, Land Grabbed America

A metal detector can pay for itself and put extra money in your pocket.

Many people, including myself, have found thousands of coins, and jewelry pieces in parks, and other areas. Of course I’ve been detecting, and treasure hunting for almost 40 years, so I’ve spent a lot of time at this. Your not going to find hundreds, or thousands of coins ASAP, unless you get lucky and find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…and yes, those do exist.

In my ebook, “Where To Find Treasure, Cash And Coins Using A Metal Detector”, I will tell you about places to search that have always proved to be great sources for coins and jewelry.

All of my eBooks are in digital format - ready to download. There are no hard copies.

Inside my ebook you will find valuable information such as:

Learn where to search with a metal detector in areas others may have missed.

How to buy the right detector.

How to use it correctly.

Where to find coins.

Where to find cash.

How to turn your hobby into an exciting business.

How to have good old Uncle Sam pay for your metal detectors, your trips, your food, and more.

How to use auctions and flea markets to find hidden cash.

Where to search those unusual hiding places for cash and coins.

Make money with a detector by selling your finds on Ebay, at garage sales, and flea markets.

I will also:

Tell you about a few of my treasure hunting adventures.

Show you how to turn your hobby into a metal detecting job by working with Insurance Companies to make extra money.

I will give you ideas on how to research for buried caches-

“Frank Your ebook, Where To Find Treasure was great! I’ve been metal detecting for about 10 years and never thought of going to some of the places you mentioned. Your ebook has ignited my enthusiasm once again for the hobby. When is your next book coming?


Your friend Kyle in Ohio”

"Hey Frank, thanks to you're "Make Extra Money" Ebook I contacted an insurance company like you mentioned. They sent me out to search for a lost gold, diamond ring for an upset woman who lost it at the beach. I met with the woman and she directed me to the area where she was at the beach. I started detecting, and within twenty minutes I found the ring. The woman was elated, the insurance company paid me a nice fee, and I am now working on another lost item with them. Thanks so much for the information in your Ebook." Ron D, PA

“Where To Find Treasure, Cash And Coins Using A Metal Detector” is just $2.99

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thanks, JR,

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”Frank, I own all of your ebooks. GREAT info! I’m surprised they cost so little. Thanks for that.” Andy S. Kansas ,

"Hi Frank! Its LoriAnne, The book was fantastic ?? Thank you very much!  there were a number of things I had not thought nor heard of, Of course being such a newbie. I'm so dying to get out there and dig but being in central Ontario my ground is frozen solid with various depths of snow everywhere!
.... can't wait to dig my first target ?? and my first coin or piece of treasure?? when I do I'll shoot you a msg to follow through and let you know how I did!

I really appreciate the PDF sorry for all the trouble, but I'm a knowledge sponge right now! GL&HH

Blessings, LoriAnne "

“Where To Find Treasure, Cash And Coins Using A Metal Detector”

5 Ways to Earn Money with a Metal Detector

Make Money With Your Metal Detector

I'll show you how to make money with a metal detector and have fun at the same time.

All of the money making ideas in this ebook are proven methods that I have used over the past 40 years.

In my ebook you will read about how one ad of mine produced more than $5000 in income.

You can look at this hobby as a new found metal detecting job, or a business to earn profits, either way, the information in my ebook work.

I have been earning money with my metal detector for many, many years. So can you!

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Search For Eastern Ghost Towns

If you're interested in how to locate the ghost towns of the eastern states.

Gone But Not Forgotten, Ghost Towns of the Eastern States.

Are you running out of places to metal detect?

Do you need a “kick in the pants” to refresh your ability to find new areas?

Do you know what the law says about digging relics?

Do you frequent garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets? If so, you’ll find some interesting information about items that were used as hiding places for cash.

Here is my ebook "49 Places to Metal Detect, And More"

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And remember, you will also receive the links to my TV series. 13 links, each is a half hour show.

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