Best Metal Detector?

The best metal detector? Which one is it?

"My detector is better than your detector."

"My detector goes deeper."

"My detector has more software built into it."

And the arguments go on and on. Every popular metal detecting forum has people commenting, even arguing over which detector manufacturer has the best model. I’ve also been in the field metal detecting with others when the arguments start. It’s nonsense. Actually, it’s childish.

The reality is this, the best detector is any good, reputable model that finds stuff. Ya, it really is that simple. And, it does not have to be an expensive metal detector either.

I found this 225 year old buckle while using a metal detector with a retail price of less than $500. I have been metal detecting and treasure hunting for more than thirty-five years, I’ve used many metal detectors on the market, and, I have learned that all of them locate stuff.

Sometimes too much information is not a good thing. The more you read and hear from others regarding what is the best metal detector to buy, you become confused. Most often what happens is that you end up buying the most expensive detector thinking that if it costs a lot of money then it must be good. And if your thinking this way, beware, because you may end up tossing your detector in the closet never to be seen again. Remember this:

It is not the detector alone that located the goodies, but in fact, it’s the skill of the user. The person who knows his or her detector, and understands how it best performs, will always find stuff.

Give an expensive metal detector to someone who has no clue how to get the best performance form that detector, and they will find very few goodies. However, give an inexpensive detector from another manufacturer to a person who is knowledgeable on how that particular detector operates, and that person will out perform the other every time.

If you learn how to properly use your metal detector, and you use it often, the amount of good finds will increase. Do not get caught up in the arguments about depth, and all of the bells and whistles many new detectors have. You don’t need to dig to China to locate goodies, and you don’t need a computer that can launch a Titan Missile with it’s software.

Learn your detector, use it often, and you will do as well as anyone with a top end model.

The best metal detector can be an inexpensive model.

If you're going to metal detect, then know the law.

You do not need the best metal detector to search around old ghost towns in the East.

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