Beach story.

by Fred

Several years ago was detecting on a beach on Connecticut shore. After several minutes of nothing, decided to sit for awhile and simply enjoy the view.

After few minutes, happened to look at some shells washed up on the high tide line and there, sitting just as pretty as can be, was several coins. Each coin was sitting on top of miniature column of sand, like a volcano. No detecting necessary.

Evidently, weight of the coins was enough to hold down the sand directly under coins, while wind eroded all the sand from all sides. Total take was 1.74.

A neat thing to see.

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Feb 16, 2011

Fred, were they GOLD coins?
by: Frank

Hey Fred, thanks for stopping by and posting your story. Since you were on a beach in Conn. I was wondering if you weren't telling us the entire truth. lol- Were those coins , gold or silver? Perhaps from a Spanish wreck?

That would be nice wouldn't it?

Thanks again,

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