by max r. freeman
(tarrant county ,texas)

thorson farm-texas.

thorson farm-texas. the field?NOPE!!in the well ?NOPE!in the chicken shed floor?NOPE!!Under the barn ?LETS SEE? 6 feet under the old Thornson barn we heard dector signals say..."BOOTY BUD!!" well jim...lets dig it up or wonder !!!so my son lanc dug to the last tired shovel full ..then ..BONK!!!whats that sonnyboy ? wood dad..!!get boy..!!!so the wood box was found and lance walloped the top hard with a stell rod --Crack!! looking inside he said ..OH MY GOD!!!its silver and gold and money and what else? we found the Thornson family cache stored so union or confederates would note steal it!!gold coins (100's) silver supper ware-tea survers-guns and funny jewels i could not identify...Well sir, we must remove this to our handy 4-by truck and then go to mc donalds for lunch...right son ?NO DAD...lets go to the garage and see all the STUFF we we Amscrayed to the home after we filled in the hole of course and finally looked heavily upon the finds-my friend douglas the Pro-spent three hours looking up the values online and also some dealer phone have at least $1/2 a million in gold and booty!!is that all douglas ..well Hell..lets just Go to Mcdonalds then!!!HA!!lance decided to ask me for a 68 Mustang he saw in the classifieds...Sure son..and the guns?rifles,shotguns and four revolvers and not to mention the jeweles...rubies and gold rings and necklaces from the 1800' research them maps and do the library books for sure..the old thornson legend was true after all!!sure buddy...what t.v. program have you been watching...oh well ..i did not like that relative anyway!!HA!!oh yes..the another detector!!

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Mar 27, 2011

Max, I'm Speechless
by: Frank

Max, I'm not sure what to say about your story, other than a BIG thanks for sharing it with us.

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