Arkansas Lost Treasure

Arkansas lost treasure sites are listed on this page.

Have you dreamed of locating a buried treasure?

The most difficult part in the search may be researching the treasure story. You cannot hope that blind luck will find you that treasure. Going on very little information will only bring dissatisfaction in your search. I have listed on this page a few stories about buried treasures in your State, but you need to research them further.

Arkansas Lost Treasure and Research

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Often I am asked if metal detectors should be used when searching for buried treasures. My answer is always the same. “Yes“. However, do not purchase an expensive detector. Breaking the bank to buy your first detector is often a mistake. The expensive models are often hard to learn for the newbie to the hobby. You do not need an expensive first detector. Spending a few hundred dollars is all you need to do.

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Good luck in your search for Arkansas lost treasure.

Ten Mile House Located on State route 5 approx 9 miles south of Little Rock. This was an old tavern and became a headquarters For Federal troops in 1863. A few buried treasure tales are associated with this building.

Old Washington -this is an old ghost town located on State route 4 approx 9 miles northwest of Hope. Old Washington was famous for the Bowie knife. Near the blacksmith shop a cache of buried Bowie knives were found. Who knows what else could be buried in the vicinity.

The Lost Diamond Mine - Somewhere near Murfreesboro.

The Lost William Flynn Diggings - Somewhere east of Murfreesboro.

The Lost Field of Silver Mine - Somewhere near Quachita.

The Lost Fred Conley Gold Mine - Located approx 8 miles northwest of Eureka Springs in Carroll.

The Twin Springs Treasure - Somewhere near Wickes in Polk County according to a legend, there is a very large cache of gold bars. The bars were buried during the Civil War.

Stuart’s Island - Located near Lake Village on the northern corner of Lake Chicot. A treasure tale surrounds a bandit by the name of John Murral, who may have buried two treasures on the Island in the early 1800’s.

The Madre Vena Treasure - Over $100 million in gold and silver bullion is supposedly buried near Pineville.

Brushy Mountains & Jessie James - A legend says that the outlaw Jessie James buried thousands in gold in the Brushy Mountains between Hot Springs and Plainview. The treasure was stolen from the Hot Springs stagecoach.

Understand the law when searching for treasure on private property. Be sure to ask for permission. However, be careful if you venture on to State or Federal lands.

Arkansas lost treasure may be located in these areas.

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