American History Learned Thru TV

My name is Frank Pandozzi.

I love exploring American history...And for more than forty years I have also enjoyed the hobby of metal detecting. These two loves combined have guided me to create a television series that involves my excitement for history and metal detecting. I have been exploring history for many years, and if it’s one thing that I have learned it’s this. The history of our country as we were taught in school is mostly wrong. Through my study, and my adventures with metal detecting, I have seen things that have changed most of my ideas of what I was taught. And the sad part is, that our youngsters of today are learning less and less about the real historical facts of this great nation.

When I speak to junior and high school students I discover that they know very little about our forefathers. Nor do they understand the basics of our Constitution, especially when it comes to the topic of the 1st and 2nd amendments. Many of them cannot give the correct date of the Revolutionary War. They have no concept of the French & Indian War.

When I filmed my TV series I tried to show history as being exciting. It was fun filming, and I even learned a lot while doing my research.

My TV series Exploring History’s Treasures,  is a way of exploring American history in a more exciting, and truthful way.

In my first series, “Ghost Towns of the East” you learn about our first settlers and how they lived, and struggled through the tough times of being in a new land.

In my series about the French & Indian War you learn about the importance of a small Fort in upstate New York State, that is never talked about when studying the French & Indian War. This tiny outpost played an integral part of securing a victory against the British.

My series about the old logging camps gives the viewer an idea of how tough it was to live and work in extreme weather conditions.


Here are some sites on the Internet where exploring American history can be both fun and interesting.

A Logging Camp In Oregon

Exploring American History and the French & Indian War

The Seven Years War

American History Learned Thru TV

Filming the Ft. Bull series

Filming the Ft. Bull TV series

Filming the Ft. Bull series

Here’s what others are saying about our TV series.

"My wife and I have really enjoyed viewing your “Exploring American History DVD,” and would like our local cable company (GCI) to carry your TV series. It not only covers metal detecting, which has a good following in Alaska, but the history of our great country. Good luck with the series and we hope to see it here soon,"Harold S.Alaska

"To Exploring History’s Treasures Producers, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your TV series DVD. I regret that I cannot watch your shows on my local dish channels. I have loaned the DVD to several members of my metal detecting club and all of they had rave reviews. Hopefully one day it will be available nationwide and everyone can have the opportunity to watch it." Harry M.Roswell, GA

Dear Frank, I just wanted to thank you again for being a guest speaker in my 8th grade English classes. My students found your presentation and ghost town dvd both informative and fun. You really captured their interest with your knowledge, and the use of the artifacts and the metal detector was a real plus. It's always a treat when I can help students to connect what we read and write about in class with what is happening around them in the outside world. I deeply appreciate you sharing it with my students. Sincerely, Bill Zimpfer,English TeacherSouthern Central School

"I watched the episodes when the video arrived, great show. It made me feel I was searching with Frank and his buddy again in New York. I really like how Frank layered the now gone homes over the current vacant sites. I'm looking forward to seeing the next installments of Exploring Historys Treasures show. Thanks again Frank...great show." HH Stan

“It’s about time that someone made a TV show that presents history in an exciting way.” Michelle V. Liverpool NY

“I have been teaching local history for 22 years. And when Mr. Pandozzi came to our Junior high class with a video of his TV series, my classes were speechless. I think they learned more from his series in one viewing than what I tried to teach in an entire semester.”Mary B. Teacher

Frank,Thank you for the dvd I was very impressed with the video. I have watched it twice now. Please keep me updated with any additional videos/books/articles that may soon be coming out. Thanks again,Brian H. PA

American History, Metal Detecting, And The First Reality Show Of It's Kind 

American History and how our first settlers lived .

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