Alaska Topo Maps

Alaska topo maps have been used by hikers, hunters, explorers, bicyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts of every kind. However, before I show you some of the State topography maps, I would like to give you some information about the land mass of Alaska.

Alaska, which means “great land” from the Aleut word alyeska is the largest State with an area covering 591,004 square miles. It’s land mass alone equals 570,833 square miles, and there are 20,171 square miles of inland water ways.

Alaska’s topography is different in each of it’s six regions. And with mountains and peaks reaching 10,000 feet, to sprawling, vast tundra’s, grasslands and thick forests, Alaska maps are a must need when venturing into the outdoors. There are thousands of miles of rough, rugged terrain, and hundreds of rivers and mountains to navigate without becoming a victim of an accident or becoming lost. Anyone venturing into Alaska’s rugged backcountry, without the proper survival gear, including a topo, could be knocking on the door of disaster.

There are so many types of that the enormity of the choices can actually end up confusing the consumer looking to buy a topo. However, because of all those choices of maps to chose from, the quality of those maps have increased greatly over the years. Although their have been many new map producers entering the market, I believe the best maps are still being produced by the long standing companies like Garmin, DeLorme, and National Geographic. Whether you are looking for Alaska maps that are either a software, or a hard product like the Gazetteer, I’m sure you will be surprised at the variety and the features of the many maps that are listed below.

Alaska Topo Maps Can Locate These Areas

Many old towns once flourished throughout the States. You can use Alaska topo maps to locate them.

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Alaska Topo Map

Never Venture Into the Alaskan Back Country Without an Alaska Topo Map

Getting lost in the remote areas of Alaska can be deadly. Don't think it can't happen to you. I know seasoned hunters who were lost for days in a remote area of Alaska. They were not carrying a topo or map of any kind. Fortunately a search party was sent, and they were located just in time. Bad weather, and the lack of food was beginning to take it's toll on them.

Be careful, and carry a topo when you are heading into the Alaska wilderness.

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