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September 10, 2018

Be Careful, The Nuts Are Out There!

In the last issue of "The Digger" I wrote about some safety tips you should be aware of when out detecting…especially if you’re in the woods, or any secluded area. This month I’m going to expand on that topic.

I've been saying for years that there are more than chestnuts, walnuts and beechnuts in the woods. There’s also numb-nuts...those are the human type of nuts.

We were crossing State land to access the backside of private property that we had permission to metal detect. On that private property was a ghost town that existed in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. Long ago it collapsed and disintegrated away. Most likely termites had turned the town into sawdust. These early homes, unlike many of that era, were built of logs that rested on the ground with no cellar or foundation beneath them.

There were three of us in Don’s Jeep. I sat in the back on the passenger side as we bumped along an old stone packed, wagon road that was barely wide enough for the Jeep.

Large, deep holes dotted the road. Often, Don had to slow down and stop to determine whether or not he should go further into the dense woods. We had driven about two miles along the old road, and were about a mile away from where we needed to be. It was at that point that we had to stop because of two pickup trucks that blocked the road. There were four men and three women sitting in lounge chairs on the side of the road. Each one was holding a beer can. All four men approached the truck on Don’s side. His window was down and we exchanged pleasantries. The conversation was cordial, until one of them asked where we were going.

When we told him we were headed a little further down the old road toward the private property, he told us that he would prefer we turned around and head back out of there.

I’m not a patient man when it comes to the stupidity and insolence of others. Therefore…I wanted to jump out of that jeep and confront the scumbag face to face. Instead, I took a deep breath and kept my mouth shut. Besides, I was also being yelled at by Don and Pauli to keep quiet.

My childhood friend Pauli "Cigars" was sitting in the front passenger seat. This was his first time going metal detecting. Pauli is the one person I would want in a fox hole with me. I knew he was steaming inside, but was unusually quiet as the drama was unfolding. And for him to tell me to calm down was a switch. Usually I’m the one holding him back from confrontations.

Don’s window was open. He was calm. He asked the knave why we could not move down the old road.

"We’re deer hunters. We’re scout’in da area. Don’t want no one scar’in da deers." He told us as he sipped his beer.

The other three dregs were standing behind him. They had serious looks on their faces. I didn’t have a good feeling about what was transpiring.

"This is State land." Don told him. "We have a right to drive through."

"Nope. Ain’t gonna happ’in." The mouthy one answered. "You ain’t gonna scare away da deers." Then he motioned to the other three to surround the front of Don’s Jeep. That’s when Pauli "Cigars" grabbed the door handle and said. "F--king BS. I’ve heard enough."

But what made this scene even scarier was the fact that each of us noticed 4 rifles leaning up against one of the scumbags trucks. They were probably target shooting…but, they were also drinking and seemed truly upset that we were on that road.

Don quickly grabbed Pauli’s arm. "Wait." He told him. "Open the glove box." Pauli opened it and noticed a 45 pistol.

"Leave the glove box open." Don told him.

"Look. We don't want any trouble. But if you don't move that truck, I'm going to find a way around it. And when I do, as soon as I get cell phone service I'm calling the police. We already have the plate numbers of your trucks."

The dirt-bag that was doing all of the talking took a sip of beer...tossed the beer can into the woods, spit on the ground, laughed, and then said.

"Aw. We was jist hav’in fun with ya." He said. "Back off boys." He told his beer drinking friends.

The group of dimwits walked away from the Jeep, moved their trucks, and we headed down the old road to the property we were looking for. We were thankful that the incident did not escalate into something greater. It was our belief that the intentions of the numb-nuts to not allow us down that road were real. They just happened to run into people who were unwilling to follow their demand.

In addition, this story does not mean that I'm advocating you should be armed with a weapon when metal detecting or searching for treasure. But I am warning you that this type of encounter happens. And, would Don have shown his pistol if needed? Without question. I will also tell you that Don is a retired Sheriff.

In my 40 plus years of being involved with metal detecting, and treasure hunting, this was not the first time I have encountered people with bad intentions. There has been at least six more times where I and my treasure hunting team have come very close to confrontations with bad people. I have also received emails from others across the country that have had similar problems.

One time a group of very nasty individuals came to my home. This group of bad people became upset with my research and my asking questions of a particular, three century old treasure. Apparently, they were interested in it also. Fortunately we were not home when they showed up. But my security system picked up their every move…from peeking in our windows, to actually trying to open our front door. Yes, they were arrested. But that…will be another story.

Be careful, and stay safe!


The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), is a law that allows any person to gain access to government agencies for the purpose of gaining information.

I’ve used the FOIA often to gain access to information regarding buried, lost, or stolen treasures. If you are serious about finding these types of treasures, you should use the FOIA as a research tool. FOIA

I’m Asking For Your Help

Over the years much of my work has been copied by individuals who are too lazy to write or film their own ideas. They’ve used my information in their blogs, articles and on their websites. The first time my work was stolen was when I was filming my TV series, Exploring Historys Treasures. My DVD’s and cd’s were copied without my permission and sold in retail outlets, and on eBay.

I am asking that if you see an article or a blog, or website that resembles anything I have wrote; please notify me with the link. I have legally gone after individuals who have copied my work, and I will continue to do so.


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