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April 10, 2018

Here’s A Metal Detecting Tip

Use a Smaller Coil

A metal detecting tip that pays off in more finds, but detectorists very rarely use this technique is changing to a smaller coil when your detecting in trashy areas.

By a smaller coil I mean those 4-41/2 inch coils that every detector manufacturer sells. Honestly, if you haven’t used one in those “this is driving me crazy” trashy areas, then you’re missing out on the possibility of finding some real keepers.

The knock on the small coils have been that they don’t cover a lot of area. And you don’t get much depth. I’ll address both issues.

Simply stated, these miniature coils were designed to zero in on separate items that are lying with multiple items. The tiny coils detection of good finds in a junk filled area is like a person picking out a friend in a crowd. This type of coil was not meant to cover lots of area, it was meant to find your friend in that crowd, the keeper that thrills us.

The small coil was made to separate, more accurately, the different frequencies given off. Small coils are better at reading individual targets. And because of their narrow detection band, the small coil is perfect for those junk filled areas.

No, you won’t cover a lot of area with these miniature coils, nor will you get great depth, however, you will find items you missed when using a larger coil.

I love going back to high junk areas that I detected, changing to a small coil, and slowly and methodically work the area again. I’m always surprised at what goodies I find those items that were missed with my regular coil.

When using the smaller coils it’s best to work an area at a time, be sure of overlapping your swings, and definitely going slow. I’m not going to be technical here, so just understand, the small coils need time to read the ground. If you move too fast, you’ll miss the individual targets because your detector will be singing to all of the targets at once. Small coil = S-L-O-W down.

If depth is your concern, and that’s why you won’t use a small coil, then I’ll make this point.

Most good finds using regular size coils are between 2- 8 inches. One of my oldest coins from the 1500’s was found at 6 inches. The smaller coils will read to those depths on all targets. However, on smaller size targets the small coils do work better at shallow depths. I found an 1838 Seated dime, with a 4 ½” coil, at 6 inches in an area I detected twice while using my regular coil. That coin was located after I used a grid pattern to cover the entire, trashy area.

Give the small coils a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Military ID bracelet lost 70 Years Ago Returned to Port St. Lucie Woman

“A military ID bracelet found last summer was returned to a Port St. Lucie woman who gave it to her sweetheart more than 70 years ago.”

Military ID Bracelet

History Bites lecture at Flanders to reveal ‘Hidden Relics Unearthed’ New York

“Since being settled in 1786 there have been just three owners that have made their home on the 200 plus acres of what is now known as Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust’s main campus, the Van Vleck Farm & Nature Sanctuary in Woodbury. The last family to live there was that of Flanders’ founder Natalie Van Vleck.

In a quest to learn more about their lives and times, last year the Putnam/Westchester Metal Detecting Club set off to scour the grounds for relics from the past. It led to discoveries that brought some interesting insights into these families.”

History Bites Lecture

‘Every detectorist yearns for gold, I was lucky to find some’ England

“A metal detectorist who recently uncovered a hoard of treasure in Co Down has told how he has had a lucky streak since taking up the hobby for a second time.”

Every Detectorist Yearns for Gold

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