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February 10, 2018

Clive Bundy Seeks Justice

Because I believe this is important...and because there are some new subscribers to "The Digger", I wanted to re-post this article re: Clive Bundy.

Hopefully Clive Bundy will find justice. Because honestly…Clive and his family’s rights were trampled on by an out of control government agency. He's a true hero for now going after the Feds.

I know from experience how the beauracrats involved with the "rights to lands" issues can destroy a reputation. Ten years ago archaeologists and the State of NY tried to sue me for filming and digging on what they thought was State land. I was slandered in the press and made to look like a thief, and a criminal that destroyed public lands.

I took matters into my own hands. I researched, and studied the laws and consulted with Constitutional attorney's to defend myself. Eventually, the bullies backed off. They knew I was right. They had no case against me.

Blackbeards Reading Habits

“What books did pirates read? Experts have made a remarkable discovery about their reading habits after deciphering paper fragments recovered from the wreck of Blackbeard’s ship.”

Black Beards Reading Habits

President Trump Move Opens Utah to Mining Claims Under 1872 Law

U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw federal protections from millions of acres of Utah wilderness will reopen much of the iconic terrain to gold, silver, copper, and uranium land claims under a Wild West-era mining law, according to federal officials.

President Trump Land Mine Claim

Kids Searching for Treasure

It’s great when we see children getting involved with the hobby of metal detecting. Today’s kids, unlike when I was growing up in the 1950’s, are to sedentary. They don’t go outside to have fun. Instead, they play video games or talk or text excessively on their cell phones. So this following article is a blessing to read.

Kids Searching for Treasure

Wedding Ring Found With a Metal Detector

The Finder is Searching For the Owner

It’s gratifying to return a lost wedding ring or a High School ring to it’s owner. Hopefully this story will end the same way.

Wedding Ring Found by Detector

Jose Gaspar and His Buried Treasure

“So get ready for the most exciting adventure of all time. When five friends decode Juan Gomez's riddle of Jose Gaspar's buried treasure, they begin to search the Peace River in Florida for answers. Step by step the clues come together as they try to prove the pirates tale is REAL! Fiction turns into reality, reality becomes the truth!”

Jose Gaspar and His Buried Treasure

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