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December 30, 2022

Wishing You A Wonderful New Year!

Welcome New Subscribers

Thank you to the new subscribers to "The Digger." Each month I try to bring new and fresh ideas and articles that pertain to the hobby of metal detecting. But each month is a work in progress and a challenge to keep "The Digger" ongoing. As I often mentioned, I try to avoid redundancy but do at times post stories or articles that were previously in past issues of "The Digger." I do this so that new subscribers get a chance to read them.

Of course, I always welcome emails, comments, and any ideas that you would like to see in "The Digger."

Thanks again for subscribing.


Follow Your Dream, Pay Attention to Coincidences!

Often I am asked how I arrived at this point in my life of being able to earn an income from the hobby, and eventually producing a TV show about metal detecting. My answer is simple advice. “Follow your dream, boldly move forward toward it, and never give in to the negativity from others who often want to rain on our parade.”

With that, I thought it would be a good idea if in this month's “The Digger”, I would tell the story of my voyage from a newbie in the hobby, to my professional career in the industry. I tell this story not to boast or to show myself as being better than others, but to provide an example for anyone that has the desire to move beyond parks and schoolyards, and travel down the adventurous roads toward caches, and relics from the past.

And so it begins, my journey from a newbie to a pro.

For years I have said to those that would listen that we control our lives. And that everything that has happened to us has been the result of our own doing. Whether events we encounter were good, bad, or otherwise, they were orderly synchronistic processes happening for a reason.

Events in our lives are often dismissed as mere coincidences. We often shake off occurrences and trudge along giving no thought as to why events happened. However, individuals much smarter than I have spoken about coincidences and synchronistic events that format our existence.

Shakespeare said: “Trifles light as air are to the jealous confirmations strong as proofs of holy writ.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson stated: “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

Carl Jung, the swiss psychiatrist said this about synchronicity: “Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer."

As a youngster, I never dreamt that one day I would have a TV show, that I would be writing books, and traveling to schools and colleges to speak to American history classes. Taking part in some of the treasure-hunting adventures that came my way was unimaginable. Some of those adventures were risky. I have never written about them or talked to even my closest friends or family members regarding them. Perhaps, those stories are for another day. But, I always had a sense or a whisper of a dream that one day, I would move on to a place where my life would be exciting and adventurous.

Looking back I recognize the coincidences and synchronistic events that propelled me toward fifty-plus years of excitement. My adventure began the day I purchased my first metal detector in 1970. From that point on coincidences began to shape my treasure-hunting future. Books and magazines about metal detecting and treasure hunting suddenly began to show up in my life. Old Man Dan the treasure hunter I had purchased my first detector from and who became a mentor as well and a great storyteller about his days as a gold prospector in Alaska, and his treasure-hunting adventures across America, England, and Germany. People began to tell me stories they heard about buried treasures in their area. Being the inquisitive type, and following my gut, I moved forward with those coincidences and synchronistic events, as I began to research those stories. Some of the stories I moved forward on and searched the areas I thought held treasures. I did this while trying to build a business I started. But all the time, my heart and soul were not in my business but instead consumed by metal detecting, and also by a dream to move on from metal detecting local parks to searching for buried treasure. Then one day, years after I built a successful business, another synchronistic, coincidence came my way.

By that time I was treasure hunting quite often. My business had grown, and it allowed me to travel to different areas. I was also writing more and had completed three books. It was on the completion of my third novel that an event happened and propelled my treasure-hunting adventures to a new level.

A local Fox news TV producer Ryan read my book and contacted me to see if I was interested in being a guest on a local radio show he produced. His idea was for me to talk about my book and why I wrote it. He thought it would be a great idea for his listeners. I agreed, we did the interview, and we became great friends.

One day, not long after that interview we were sitting in a restaurant having lunch and he asked me about my metal detecting and the items I was finding. He became very excited about the hobby and continued asking me questions. He mentioned that he never saw anything about it in the news, nor did he know anyone else that owned a metal detector. I remember saying to him that there were millions of people swinging their metal detectors all across America. And it was true, that other than the treasure hunting and metal detecting magazines there were no media about the hobby. That was when I said to him, half joking, “I’d love to do a TV show, a reality-based series about metal detecting because there isn’t one now, and I think many in the hobby would like to see one.” Ryan said, “OMG, what a great idea. Let’s do it. I can film it.” This idea came about before YouTube became popular with metal-detecting videos. Our TV trailer videos on YouTube were the first videos regarding metal detecting.

We planned the series and named it “Exploring History’s Treasures”, (EHT), which became popular at prime time on cable stations in each state. The “Exploring History’s Treasures” apparel with the logo that we sold became popular as well. The first series was “Ghost Towns of the East.” The title later was included in the heading of my website. Thousands of testimonials from excited viewers were pouring in with the majority telling us they were glad that a TV series about metal detecting had finally arrived.

In looking back over those years I recognized the coincidences and synchronistic events that moved me from a newbie with a metal detector, to a seasoned treasure hunter and the producer of the first, REAL, reality, metal detecting/treasure hunting TV series. And had I not followed through to meet with Ryan, to do the radio interview, I would have missed the opportunity to produce and host a TV series that changed my life in the hobby.

So whatever your goal in life, no matter how small or large it is, keep the aspiration alive. Pay attention to the occurrences in your days regarding your desires, no matter how small those happenings may be. That one seemingly insignificant event may be the one that launches you to a dream fulfilled.

May the new year bring you the treasures of peace, health, and prosperity.

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Bringing Back The Exploring History’s Treasures Logo

It’s been a decade since the popularity of our “Exploring History’s Treasures” EHT logo has been used. But during that time I received many requests to bring back the logo on clothing. And that’s what I am doing.

The “Exploring History’s Treasures” logo is a symbol for all who love history and the treasures that history holds. The EHT tagline, “Every Generation Leaves Their Mark” is a testament to the people that left us with traces of their lives. And for many who either search for those traces with metal detectors or by reading history, whatever interesting fact or piece of knowledge is found, becomes a treasure to the seeker.

So whether you are a history buff, metal detectorist, treasure hunter, antique dealer, or a person that attends garage sales, estate sales, and auctions looking for relics, the Exploring History's Treasures (EHT) logo, represents you for whatever treasure you may seek as you explore.

Cafe Press

Researching For Treasure, by Charles Garrett

Charles Garrett’s name is synonymous with the advent of the modern metal detector. It was Charles Garrett’s company “Garrett Metal Detectors” that was awarded the first U.S. patent for use of a computer chip in a detector. He was an avid treasure hunter and a wealth of knowledge in the industry. He wrote extensively about various treasures and the technical requirements regarding the workings of metal detectors as a way to teach others how to properly use them.

Charles Garrett passed away in 2015. But he left behind a wealth of information. In this month's “The Digger” I am passing along his words regarding researching for treasure. Although I have written extensively about how to research, when wanting to find coins, relics, or caches’s, my words and ideas pale in comparison to pro’s like Charles Garrett and Karl von Mueller who I have many times quoted as well.

Research, by Charles Garrett

“Many find it amazing that the successful treasure hunter appears to expend no energy at all, while the mediocre treasure hunter runs about constantly in a helter-skelter fashion, chasing some sort of will-o-the-wisp…never being really satisfied or successful.

A metal detector must be used correctly and in the right places before it will pay off. Most successful finds result from research. Of course, a lot of treasure is found by accident, and all of us dream of finding the “big one” simply by stumbling over it, but that is hardly the way to go about professional treasure hunting.

Whether you are a coin hunter, cache or relic hunter, or a prospector, research is vitally important. It is a basic tool you cannot neglect to use if you want to enjoy success.

Most of the time, in order to find where a treasure is located, you must carry out a certain amount of research. You won’t find treasure where it is not! You will find treasure where it is! In order to find it, you must study, read, and follow up leads. It’s wise to talk to people. In short, do your research.

For the professional treasure hunter, however, the greatest difficulty is deciding which of the dozens or hundreds of leads to follow. They try to avoid bum steers. They use their brains and they think. Common sense is a big factor in successful treasure hunting. The professional treasure hunter doesn’t search for one treasure. They keep many leads on the back burner and are always looking for new leads to follow.

If you’re a coin hunter, for instance, you can find current coins all day long at the park, playground and along grassy strips near parking meters. If you really want to start finding old and rare, valuable coins, however, you must do your research. You must learn where the old settler's campgrounds, carnival and fairground sites are located. These are the really valuable hot spots; here you will find treasure that makes hunting worthwhile. This same principle applies to any other kind of treasure hunting. If you are looking for gold, you have to search where the precious metal has already been found. Gold and silver have been mined in many locations throughout the world, and to have the greatest chances of success, you must find the best places to prospect. Relic and cache hunters must also do their research. Find the hot spots, then put your expert detector knowledge to work. It will pay off."

A Piece From The Past

In the area of Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisianna, treasure hunters in the late 1970s, searching for a possible cache of Spanish coins, noticed a few old oak trees with what seemed to be coded symbols on them. The treasure seekers excitedly searched the area and recovered a small chest containing documents in Spanish, some jewels, and Spanish coins.

From the files of F.W. Pandozzi

Santa Rosa Gold Diggers, Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting Club

“It is amazing to see little kids light up when the idea of finding gold pops up. “Real Gold?” they ask. How does a kid under five come by this connection and the accompanying lust for ‘real’ gold?” Santa Rosa Gold Diggers

Metal Detectorist Finds Medieval Wedding Ring in Near-Perfect Condition

"Discovered five inches underground, the rare 14th-century artifact could sell for $47,000."

Metal Detectorist Finds Midievil Ring

A Man Finds a King Henry III Gold Penny Worth $875,000 15 Minutes of Picking up a Detector

“One of the strangest tales of good luck and serendipity is that of a father who was encouraged by his family to pick up his metal detector after he had stopped metal detecting for many years.” Man Finds King Henry III Gold Penny

Marshfield Man Pushes Lost Item Recovery 'to the Limit' with Metal Detecting

“NAME: Lou Asci

AGE: 60

HOMETOWN: Marshfield

IN THE NEWS: Asci's popularity grew this summer when he received national attention for finding an engagement ring lost at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.” Marshfield Man Pushes

Treasure Hunter Digs up $40K Ring, Finds Original Owners: ‘I Couldn’t Believe It’

“Metal detecting expert Joseph Cook posted the engagement ring on social media in hopes owner would respond” Treasure Hunter Digs Up 40K Ring

Greedy' Metal Detectorists Who Stole Anglo-Saxon Buried Treasure

“George Powell, 41, and Layton Davies, 54, were found guilty of theft, conspiracy to conceal criminal property and conspiracy to convert criminal property in November 2019.” Greedy Metal Detectorists

Death Be To Traitors

Finally, after years of research and writing, I have completed my book, “Death Be To Traitors.”

And for my subscribers to “The Digger,” I am offering this book at a reduced price of just $4.95. This price is a discount of 50% off the price at my website at $9.95.

The book is a digital eBook in PDF format and contains 265 pages. So it can be read on most devices. There are no soft cover or hard book copies available.

For more information and to purchase “Death Be To Traitors”, click the following link.


We Want Your Stories and Pictures

One of the excitements we get from metal detecting is seeing what kind of “stuff” others are finding. Not only do we enjoy seeing the items found, but many of us like to hear the stories about how those finds were located. So, let’s see your “stuff.”

Many have posted pictures and brief stories of their finds at my website. It’s easy to do. You basically create your own webpage with a picture or pictures, and a brief story of how you found the items. Once your page is posted, others will be able to view your page, and make comments. You will also have your own url link to the webpage you built. Use that link to post to Facebook, Twitter, or Pintrest and share with others.

So show your “stuff.” We want to see the goodies! Stories About Your Finds

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