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December 12, 2018

Clive Cussler

If you haven’t heard of author/treasure hunter Clive Cussler, then you’re missing out on a real treat.

Clive has been writing books about treasure hunting for more than 50 years. The award winning novelist not only writes about finding treasures, but he also takes part in the adventures.

Cussler founded the “National Underwater and Marine Agency” (NUMA), and through this organization he has located and recovered more than 60 shipwrecks. One of the famous wrecks that Clive Cussler located was the H.L. Hunley. The Hunley was used during the Civil War, and it was the first submarine to sink an enemy ship.

The 87 year old Cussler has written more than 70 books, many became “Best Sellers.” If you enjoy reading stories about lost treasures, and bad guys, then I suggest taking a look at what Clive Cussler has to offer. Clive Cussler

Can Cheap Be Good

I was asked recently. “What’s a cheap metal detector I can buy?”

This individual already had an inexpensive detector, but he wasn’t happy with it. He told me. “It doesn’t find anything but junk.” He wanted to try another detector from a different manufacturer, but not an expensive one. ”I want a cheap one that will find things other than junk.” He told me. He thought that another model would be better than the one he had been using.

The detector he was using was from a well known major manufacturer. I’ve used the same detector at times, and yes, while using it, I did dig junk, but I also have found some nice items with it. This individuals thinking had a major flaw to it, and it’s a common misunderstanding for many in the hobby. That error in thinking is this…that the detector is the main feature to finding goodies. It is not. The most important element to finding nice items is you, the user of the detector.

I’ve watched hobbyists using the most expensive metal detectors not finding any more nice finds than those who use a cheap metal detector.

I often detected with a guy who had a detector that had more bells and whistles on it than a state of the art jet airplane. I swear that detector if tweaked just right, could probably launch a Titan II missile. But this guy couldn’t find a metal box full of gold coins if he was standing right on top of it. Why, because he had not mastered his detector. He did not understand what the detector was telling him as it sounded off with its beeps. He had no idea how to correctly adjust the sensitivity on the detector. And, he was a “high swinger. “ Meaning, his coil was never just a few inches off the ground when he swung. Instead, his coil was usually 8 inches to a foot above the ground as he frantically swung it left and right. Watching him you’d think he was chopping tall grass with a sickle.

As I walked behind him with my inexpensive detector, I would pick up goodies that he missed. I used to love watching him freak out and go bonkers whenever I yelled to him.

“Hey Brian. Look at what you missed.”

He’d scream. “This detector sucks. It isn’t worth half of what I paid for it.”

When I talk to a person thinking about getting into the hobby, I tell them. “Buy an inexpensive detector…and learn how to use it. If you enjoy the hobby, and you do well with the inexpensive model, then move up to a more expensive detector.” I tell the newbies they need at least 50 hours of practice digging every signal their detector emits. It’s the only way you can properly learn your detector and how it operates. I know from experience, having sold many detectors over the years that the newbies who follow my advice, stay with the hobby for a long time. Yes, even those that purchase the inexpensive models. Those that never learn their detector, who give up because they are digging lots of junk, quit the hobby early. Their detectors, both cheap and expensive models end up in closets collecting dust.

Although there are a few cheap, very bad detectors on the market, for the most part inexpensive models can perform very well. But you need to learn how to use them properly in order to get the best results from your searches.

Man Finds Possible Human Remains While Metal Detecting

This is not a common occurrence in the hobby. But it does happen from time to time.

My detecting partner John (RIP dear friend) and I did find human, skeletal, remains. That’s a story in next months newsletter. Man Finds Possible Human Remains While Metal Detecting.

NC Man Digs up Historic Treasures on Topsail Island Beaches

“Hurricane Florence tore through our area exactly two months ago today. The storm left behind widespread devastation that will go down in history but as we continue the clean up process, some people are finding pieces of history the storm helped to uncover.” NC Man Digs up Historic Treasures on Topsail Island Beaches

Amateur metal Detectorist Celebrating After Find of a Lifetime

“An ancient gold ring dug up by an amateur metal detector enthusiast in a “find of a lifetime” has sold at auction for £10,000.” Amateur metal Detectorist Celebrating After Find of a Lifetime

Club Unearths Man's Wedding Ring Lost For Nine Years

‘Nine years ago, David Antognoli spent a day sprucing up his yard.

Last week, the lawn finally gave him something back — the wedding ring he had lost on that early spring day in 2009.”

Club Unearths Man's Wedding Ring Lost For Nine Years

Treasure Hunter Unearths Priceless Piece of History

“A Simcoe County treasure hunter has struck gold. Or, rather, brass.

Jeremiah Bowes, a self-professed history buff who can often be seen, armed with his ever-present metal detector looking to unearth relics from the past, discovered an important part of Orillia’s past recently.” Treasure Hunter Unearths Priceless Piece of History

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