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October 28, 2020

Mine’s Better Than Yours

Clem Digger, “my detector is much better than yours.”

Clyde Loop, “no way. My detector can find coins at a foot deep?”

Clem Digger, “so can mine. And my detector lets me know exactly what’s in the ground before I dig.”

Clyde Loop, “your full of poop. No detector is that accurate. Besides, my detector can be programmed to eliminate all the bad stuff in the ground.”

And so it goes, the great debate about who has the better detector, the deeper detector, the more programmable detector, and the detector that has the best service department. The arguments about who has the best detector have never been settled and never will be settled. In my opinion, having used and sold every manufacturer of detectors on the market, they're all good, well, except one, and they all have deficiencies. As I’ve stated soooooooooo many times throughout the years, it’s not the detector that finds stuff; it’s the person that uses the detector that locates the finds. Stick a thousand dollar detector in the hands of a person that has no clue how to use it, and he or she wouldn’t be able to locate a buried WWII Sherman Tank. But put a $350 detector in the hands of someone that knows their detector, and they will find single shotgun pellets at 10 inches in an open field that was once an area used to hunt pheasant. Ya, I did. Using a $350 detector, I found small birdshot one after the other. A friend I was detecting within that same farm field had a $900 detector, and he was swinging over Revolutionary War musket balls at between four-six inches deep. I know because I was walking behind him, finding those he missed.

So don’t worry if your metal detector is not one with all the bells and whistles that can launch a Titan Missile. Learn your detector; understand how it reacts to different soil conditions, understand how discrimination and sensitivity affect your search results. You will be surprised at what you will be finding.

But now I shall deviate a bit. There is one metal detector manufacturer that could not find that Sherman Tank if it was above ground, and the detector was right on top of it.

A Piece From The Past

“Three men tearing down a dilapidated Des Moines, Iowa home uncovered $17,860 in Federal Reserve notes. The currency bore the dates 1950, 1934 and 1928. Most notes were in excellent condition and showed little sign of wear – apparently they had been buried in a container of some type although none was found when a bulldozer turned up the hoard. The bills were in denominations of $20 and $100, and were turned over to the Polk County Auditor, who is responsible under Iowa law, for the safekeeping of the property.”

1971-71 Treasure Hunters Yearbook

I did not see a ruling in the above treasure find. However, as of this writing, the “Treasure Trove Rule” in Iowa states that a treasure found is awarded to the finder. But, in certain cases, silver, gold, or paper money buried, as in the above article, is not deemed a treasure trove.

Ya, go figure!

Charlotte Man With Metal Detector finds 222 Year Old Coin Near Church

“BANGOR, ME (AP) -A man with a metal detector has found a long-hidden, 222-year-old coin under a few inches of soil outside a church in Maine.

Shane Houston, of Charlotte, North Carolina, was on a metal-detecting trip with a friend from New Hampshire when he found the coin earlier this month, the Bangor Daily News reported. The copper penny, dated 1798, comes from the first decade of American-minted money in North America." Charlotte Man with Metal Detector

Two British Teens Using Metal Detectos Discover 1000 Year Old Coins

"One of the coins is a silver penny dated to Harold II’s brief reign in 1066. The other dates to the time of Henry I." Two British Teens Using Metal Detectors

Beginner's Luck for 10 Year-Old Metal Detectorist

“A schoolboy who got a metal detector for his 10th birthday struck lucky the first day he used it by finding a sword thought to be about 300 years old.

Fionntan Hughes, from Derrylaughan in County Tyrone, found the sword buried on land near his home late last month.”

Beginners Luck for a Ten year old

Metal Detecting Team Saves The Day, Finds Lost Wedding Ring at the Beach

“ROCKAWAY BEACH, N.Y. (WCBS) - Pure joy caught on camera as the Scavengers reunited Gina Bopp with her engagement. You see, Gina Bopp was enjoying time at Rockaway Beach with friends Monday. "Her son got caught in a wave and wen to grab and I felt my ring sliding off my finger," said Gina Bopp.” Metal Detecting Team Saves the Day

What Is It Like To Strike it Rich While Metal Detecting?

“Four years after finding a new hobby, Gareth Millward was about to experience the same rush felt by many explorers and metal detectorists before him - the discovery of "treasure". What's it Like?

Death Be To Traitors

My new book “Death Be To Traitors” will soon be available in both digital and soft cover copies.

Below is a blurb, and a section of the book. If interested in an autographed copy, please contact me


During the early nineteenth century in America, a secret organization of southern sympathizers called the “Knights of the Golden Circle,” KGC, spread their influence and power to orchestrate their control of southern states and institute a new form of government.

Murder, torture, and treason were the organization's trademarks. KGC members stole vast amounts of gold and silver and buried their treasures in hundreds of areas across America. The secret society's involvement with the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln has been covered up, much like the assassination of President JFK. It is a story of American History never told. It is a book that will be questioned by many.



F. W. Pandozzi

“Both friend and foe alike shall find,

‘We keep our compact with mankind.

“By shot and shell,

“By sword and flame,

“By draughts from hell,

“We’ll keep our flame!

“Whoever dares our cause reveal,

“Shall test the strength of knightly steel;

“And when the torture proves to dull,

“We’ll scrape the brains from out his skull,

“And place a lamp within the shell,

“To light his soul from here to hell.”

Secret Society, Author Unknown

“I don’t know Reed. Could we have stumbled onto the remains of a house that was owned by a KGC or Sons of Liberty member?”

Chance stared at the button. His mind raced with thoughts of what he had studied about the KGC. Although convinced the button was a KGC relic, he still had doubts.

"Look, am I one hundred percent proof positive about this button being KGC." He told Reed. "No, I'm not certain. But it sure looks like we're on to something and we need to keep searching. And here is something else I discovered."

He walked to his desk and picked up an old book. The brown cover was held together with tape.

"This book states that there was a ‘Minute Guard’ in New York State. And like the KGC, not much is known about them. The only information I could find was that the ‘Minute Guard’ was organized in New York in each election district. The members of the guard sworn to secrecy. The first ‘Supreme Commander’ of this group was P.C. Wright of New York, and the editor of the New York news of that time. P.C. Wright, by the way, was arrested and thrown in jail for conspiracy against the United States.”

Reed sat down on the sofa. He scratched his beard, removed his Yankee ball cap and rubbed his head. Chance noticed he was getting restless.

“Hold on, pal.” Chance said. “There’s more.”

He continued. “The object of the ‘Minute Guard’ as stated by a member was ‘to preach a vigorous prosecution of the war to secure the proper sentiment and to attract voters’.”

“I don’t know, too many ifs. I don’t see a connection between the Order of Sons of Liberty and the KGC? And what if there is? So what!”

“I know what you’re saying, Reed. But the fact that so many members kept the organization secret for so many years tells me that there was something they were hiding. And from what I’ve managed to find out about the Sons of Liberty and the KGC is that they both had similar rituals. And the fact that the Order Of The Sons Of Liberty stated they were against the Civil War, just adds another layer to the possibility.”

“What do you mean?”

“Both secret societies the Knights of the Golden Circle, KGC, and the Order Of The Sons Of Liberty had different levels of what they called “degrees.” These degrees were called “Neophyte and “Vestibule” degrees. Each member of these degrees was bound by the obedience of the Officers of each degree, and the secrecy of the respective orders, or else.”

“Or else what”?

“Or else you end up dead. Or a family member is suddenly killed. There were even suspected cases where KGC members were killed, their homes burned, and their families murdered.”

“Nice club. I’m sure everyone was banging on their doors to get in.” Reed said.

“Didn’t the KGC supposedly bury caches all over the US and Canada?”

“That’s right, pal. There isn’t much written or documented about where they buried their caches. Remember, they were pretty secretive about what they were doing. But for years, people in the treasure hunting community have reported seeing strange symbols and markings on rocks and trees supposedly written by KGC members. They believe these symbols may be coded directions to buried caches that were hidden by the KGC.”

Reed sat down and reached for his beer can. After finishing the remaining beer, he removed his Yankee cap and scratched his head.

“You said these caches were buried all over the US?”

Chance knew what Reed was thinking.

“That’s right, most caches were supposedly buried in the southern and western states. However, reports of small caches and those strange symbols have been reported in some northern states and Canada.”

Chance stood up and stretched his back. He walked to the picture window and starred outside. It was getting late. The sun was dropping below the western horizon. He turned to Reed.

“You’re thinking the same thing I am, aren’t you?” He asked.

“Chance, we gotta go back to that cellar hole and metal detect all over that area and dig every signal we hear.”

Chance smiled and walked to the table. He held the button in his hand.

“You’re right.” He answered. “There’s no telling what we may find.”

New Garrett Multi-Frequency Metal Detector Is The APEX Of Affordability and Flexibility

“GARLAND, Texas, May 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas-based Garrett Metal Detectors today announced the upcoming release of a new Sport Division metal detector for hobbyists, the ACE Apex multi-frequency detector.” New Garrett Multi-Frequency Metal Detector Is The APEX Of Affordability and Flexibility

Garretts New Ace Apex Metal Detector

Contact me if you have any questions regarding this detector.

Thanks for your interest,


We Want Your Stories and Pictures

One of the excitements we get from metal detecting is seeing what kind of “stuff” others are finding. Not only do we enjoy seeing the items found, but many of us like to hear the stories about how those finds were located. So, let’s see your “stuff.”

Many have posted pictures and brief stories of their finds at my website. It’s easy to do. You basically create your own webpage with a picture or pictures, and a brief story of how you found the items. Once your page is posted, others will be able to view your page, and make comments. You will also have your own url link to the webpage you built. Use that link to post to Facebook, Twitter, or Pintrest and share with others.

So show your “stuff.” We want to see the goodies! Stories About Your Finds

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