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August 23, 2019

Once Again -Treasure Hunter Karl von Mueller

In the July 2019 issue of “The Digger, I wrote about treasure hunter Karl von Mueller.

“Karl von Mueller, a treasure hunter not known to many, was a man of mystery. Not much is known about him before his age of 30. But this fact is documented. It was at that age when he became a serious treasure hunter. Karl von Mueller’s real name was Dean Miller. And when writing, he sometimes used the name of Deek Gladson.”

Mueller was also known as KvonM . Mueller was finding treasures and writing about them in the 1920’s. This was well before the metal detector industry had become what it is today.

Mueller was also a skilled writer. Reading his articles was like listening to the conversation of a good friend. They were unpretentious and honest. Bold and uncanny. His vocabulary use often upset many of the editors of the publications he wrote for. But no matter, von Mueller had an army of dedicated followers. The editors cringed at his writing style, but hey, Mueller helped to sell the magazines. In the end, it always comes down to dollars.

Karl von Mueller died in 1990 at the age of 75. But his legend lives on in his writings.

In one of Mueller’s articles titled “Lethargy”, he relates to his readers the preponderance and the evidence of “misleading and fictional treasure stories” and the fact that many of the stories exist because of “our own gullibility.”

Mueller goes on to state that, “When we read so-called treasure stories in the adventure-type magazines and then waste a lot of time checking them out and finding that the story is entirely in error, we should sit down and write the editor or the author a scathing letter denouncing a lousy publication and a lousier writer. Usually, we crawl off in a hole and lick our wounds, fearful that some acquaintance or friend might realize that we have been hoodwinked.”

I agree with Mueller. But, let’s replace the adventure-type magazines with blogs and websites. The vast majority of the adventure magazines of which von Mueller was writing about, have been out of publication for years. Now we have the overpopulated explosion of unsavory and ruthless wannabe treasure hunters on the net. They indulge in the craft of deceit and manipulation of stories that relate to buried or lost treasures. Be wary of these culprits. Investigate further, what you read. Do this, before you chase shadow treasures.

Ask To See The Law

In America, if you’re metal detecting in a park or any area that is not private property, and you are told to stop, do not give in to the request without first questioning the person asking.

If there are no signs posted that mention that you cannot metal detect, then you have the right to question this person.

Too many times there have been incidents when a person has been metal detecting an area where there are no signs and the person was told to leave. In many cases, there was no law or ordinance on the books that state that metal detecting wasn’t allowed in that area. This situation ends up being another incident where a person of supposed authority becomes all too powerful and full of themselves. So they make their own rules.

A simple reply to the impotent, prig, should be this.

“Please show me the law, or the ordinance that states that metal detecting is not allowed in this area?”

That question pretty much diffuses the argument that is offered against metal detecting in certain areas. I’ve been in front of town and city judges regarding so-called, no detecting areas. Even they cannot support a law on no detecting if a law does not exist. So, without a law, or an ordinance, you can pretty much get a leg up on those self-righteous types.

Man With Metal Detector Finds Lost Wedding Ring at Hampton Beach

“HAMPTON, N.H. — A lucky find at Hampton Beach has one bride smiling again. Tianna Wrona married her high school sweetheart last summer”.

Man With Detector Hampton Beach

UK Metal Detectorist Finds Roman Gold Coin – Will be Auctioned

“A rare gold coin of Roman times found by an anonymous metal detectorist is coming to auction”.

Dix Noonan Webb will offer the coin at auction Sept. 17. It is estimated to realize £10,000 to £12,000 ($12,069 to $14,483 U.S.). UK Detectorist Finds Roman Coin will auctio

Sumter Man Uses Metal Detector to Help Find Widow's Wedding Ring

“She was told she had a needle-in-a-haystack chance, but she has been reunited with the last piece of jewelry her husband gave her before passing away thanks to a stranger from Sumter and his metal detector.” Widows Wedding Ring Found

Finding What Was Lost: Columbus Man Metal Detects to Find Old Treasure

“A walk through the lower level of longtime Columbus resident Bob Filkin’s home is like a tour through a history museum.” Columbus Man Finds What is lost

Metal Detector Enthusiast Unearths Thousands of Historic Items on Vancouver Island

“Tim Barkasy got his metal detector as a birthday gift from his children a decade ago and, within his first hour of using the machine, was shocked to find two Canadian coins from the mid-1800s”. CA Yahoo News Metal Detector Enthusiasit

We Want Your Stories and Pictures

One of the excitements we get from metal detecting is seeing what kind of “stuff” others are finding. Not only do we enjoy seeing the items found, but many of us like to hear the stories about how those finds were located. So, let’s see your “stuff.”

Many have posted pictures and brief stories of their finds at my website. It’s easy to do. You basically create your own webpage with a picture or pictures, and a brief story of how you found the items. Once your page is posted, others will be able to view your page, and make comments. You will also have your own url link to the webpage you built. Use that link to post to Facebook, Twitter, or Pintrest and share with others.

So show your “stuff.” We want to see the goodies! Stories About Your Finds

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