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June 20, 2019

Fake Treasure Hunting Shows – Continued

Last month in “The Digger” I wrote about another fake treasure hunting show, “Lost Gold of WWII.” It’s a series that takes place in the Philippines. This massive treasure of gold was hidden by Emperor Yamashita during WWII. For those of you new to “The Digger” you can visit the article here. The Digger - Fake Treasure Hunting Shows -1 Now, I know a little bit about TV filming. I know the tricks used to fool the viewer. I learned a lot about filming for TV. My TV series was the first reality, metal detecting, show. The TV series, “Exploring Historys Treasures”, was filmed and produced without the help of any TV execs. Exploring Historys Treasures TV Series That’s because they told me no one wanted to see TV shows about metal detecting and or treasure hunting. Ya right. Since then, dozens of shows have aired on various channels. And, they all leave a lot to be desired. I can see right through the fog of make-believe fantasy the producers and directors conger up to sell the unsuspecting viewers. Honestly, knowing the tricks that those producers and directors use does not mean that they were used in my TV series. My show was real, reality TV. No scripting, and no fakery.

We filmed all day every day. Why? Because I did not want any scripting. I wanted the viewers to see what effort it takes to find what we were looking for. If nothing was found, we filmed it and explained why. If we found things of interest or excitement, of course, we filmed it. My co-host John Decharo, may he RIP, and I metal detected and treasure hunted together for years before I decided to film. We knew each other as well as we knew ourselves. It was that wonderful interaction between John and I that sold the show. We did not have to script because we were a perfect team for TV. That is one problem that the metal detecting/treasure hunting shows that have since followed have lacked. They do not have personalities that compliment each other. Nor do they know what they are doing. In addition, the producers, directors, and casting agents have no idea what is needed to produce a non-fake treasure hunting series. So they script, and they use fakery to make up for their lack of knowledge. Unfortunately, the viewing public is buying this nonsense. The proof is the fact that the shows are still being produced.

Last month I wrote about the ridiculous notion the show was trying to sell the viewers the idea that the Japanese carved a gorilla on a rock behind a waterfall. The gorilla was suppose to be pointing to the treasure. There was also a supposed giant turtle head carved into a rock that was to be another secret code that led to the treasure. The wannabe treasure hunters, one calls himself an expert, were so excited to see these signs that they were sure they would soon find Yamashita’s hoard. Unfortunately, the treasure trail turned cold and the wannabe’s had to turn their attention in another direction. That direction took them deep into a tunnel they believe was dug by Yamashita's army for the purpose of hiding the gold. I have news for everyone. Read my lips. THERE WAS NO WAY THEY JUST FOUND THAT CAVE. No way in hell. Here’s why. Those wannabe treasure hunters and the film crew were trekking that jungle countless times before they even turned on a camera. That tunnel was found on one of those excursions. And, when the time was right. They went back to film it as if it was just located. In a minute I’ll explain another reason why I know the tunnels were located before the series aired.

Just like in the filming of “The Curse of Oak Island,” another fake treasure hunting series. The producers add script and fake inserts of editing to enhance the idea that a treasure will be found, or that it’s close to being located. They have to do this to keep viewers coming back each week.

The producers of these treasure hunting shows need a plan to bail them out before they begin to film. The plan is to be used in case there is no treasure found. Otherwise, who would watch the show? But the real travesty with the fake “Lost Gold of WWII” series is this. The producers and the wannabe’s had already known that most of Yamashita's gold was illegally confiscated by American intelligence agency’s and corrupt public officials in the 1980s.

The Black Eagle Trust Fund

"The Black Eagle Trust Fund" was a secret war chest consisting of “billions” of dollars of cash, securities, and gold. This trust fund was a clandestine project set up under the eyes of certain American government officials during the 1980s. Moreover, George H.W. Bush and key members of his administration, without the authorization from Congress took control of the trust. The funds were used for covert operations against foreign countries as well as to blackmail government officials, and others in places of power for the intended purpose to gain influence and power for the members of “The Black Eagle Trust”.

A portion of the BILLIONS of dollars in this trust was Yamashita’s gold. The gold was reported to be 280,000 metric tons, not including jewels and diamonds. New documents never before made public explain how the treasure was located.

Not long after WWII ended, a staff member of General Charles Willoughby, who was General MacArthur’s chief of Intelligence, discovered Yamashita’s gold. Released archive documents show that the staff member and others with ties to “The Black Eagle Trust Fund”, apprehended and tortured Major Kojima Kashii, General Yamashita’s driver until he revealed to them where Yamashita’s gold was hidden. He then drew a map of the treasure sites.

The staff member of General Willoughby then told the Assistant of War John J. McCloy about the map and the treasure. It was at that time the gold was confiscated and stories behind its confiscation were created to cover-up the governments' involvement of the stolen treasure

The removal of Yamashita’s gold was not the first time that corrupt American officials were involved with illegally taking treasures that did not belong to them.

The Treasures of the KGC

Before and after the Civil War, U.S. government officials stole for their use, millions of dollars of buried treasures cached by the secret society, the KGC (Knights of the Golden Circle). The KGC, stole securities, cash, gold and silver bullion and coins from banks, stagecoach, and railroad companies that were transporting them. The funds were to be used by the KGC to expand slavery in the southern states as well as to help extend slavery into Mexico and S. America. The KGC members hid their treasures in various states. A few of the KGC treasures still exist. Some of the caches were located by treasure hunters. But the VAST majority of the KGC treasures were removed by American government officials for their own personal gain. Knowing the funds were stolen from banks, and which banks lost the money, the U.S. government should have returned the treasures back to their rightful owners.

The Doc Noss Treasure

Another treasure that was illegally removed by unscrupulous American government officials was the massive treasure found by Milton Doc Noss in 1937 while on a deer hunting trip. The large treasure was found by accident in the Victorio Peak area of the Hembrillo Basin of New Mexico.

While hunting, Doc Noss noticed a rock with a strange carving on it. As he moved the rock he saw that it covered an entrance to a cave that led into the base of Victorio Peak. Curious about the cave, Doc Noss started to venture into it. Upon trying to get deep into the cave Doc could only go so far. He needed a rope and other equipment to help him move further into the deep cavernous recess of the mountain.

Finally, after days of trying to go deeper into the cave, Doc and his wife Babe entered the cave down to the level of 125 feet. What Doc and Babe saw at that level was to become both an excitement beyond belief and a nightmare for the rest of their lives.

Inside a large room in the cave was one of the largest known treasures ever recorded in America. The treasure consisted of jewels, gold and silver coins, gold and silver artifacts, gold swords, gold and silver bars, saddles with gold and silver inlay, and a gold statue of the Virgin Mary. At the time of the find, the treasure worth was estimated to be 2 billion dollars.

Doc Noss and Babe did everything right in filing for the rights to the treasure. Eventually, after years of filings, and lawyers to help them, the treasure was getting close to legally being given to them. Unfortunately, that was when their nightmares began. Because the treasure was located on the White Plains Missile Range, a military compound, the Army, the Pentagon, corrupt Army officials, and skumbag politicians, including two Presidents, did everything in their abusive power to steal away the treasure that was close to being legally awarded to Doc Noss and his wife.

Unfortunately, in 1949 Doc Noss was gunned down and killed over a dispute about the treasure. Yet, Babe Noss continued to fight for its legality. In the early to mid-1960s, and into the early 1970s the treasure was secretly removed by those corrupt, and greedy parasites in power. Babe hired more lawyers to try and gain possession of the treasure. All the while she knew that it was the depraved and immoral officials that had set up roadblocks to the treasure…and that they were secretly removing it from the caves at Victorio Peak.

For many years, Doc and Babe received nothing but lies and half-truths about their treasure. Meanwhile, Government officials, the Army, the Pentagon, and crooked lawyers worked together to illegally take possession of the hoard.

Unfortunately for Babe, in 1979 she died. She died never knowing where her and Docs treasure was secretly located to.

But, see how this works? In government, with television, and education, we must learn to listen to what is not being said. For that is usually where the truth is. It’s the silence between the words spoken. That’s where you will find the answers.

Find Old Coins in Old Homes; Three Secret Areas

Old coins hidden in secrecy are still waiting to be found by the knowledgeable searcher. Below are some areas in older homes where I have located old coins.

It has been said that there is more money buried and hidden than there is in circulation. I for one believe that statement. During my forty-five years of treasure hunting, I have had the pleasure of meeting many individuals like myself who have been fortunate enough to search for and locate old coins in old homes. Honestly, you do not have to be a professional treasure hunter to find them. What you need is the knowledge of where the coins may be hidden. This article will give you some of that information.

You have heard about the buried treasures of famous pirates or the occasional story about the old hermit that buried his fortune, and then died not telling anyone where he buried his stash. Leaving it behind for all eternity, or for some lucky individual searching for it, and finding it. Many of those treasures, both large and small are hidden away in towns, villages, and cities all across America. There is no doubt in my mind that within 10 miles from where you live there are at least two old houses that have old coins cached in a secreted spot.

Why search for hidden money in old homes,here are two reasons why.

First, the old coins, mostly silver in content, are worth more today. Silver has gone up in price, and there is a need, from a market standpoint for older silver coins.

The second reason. Many people did not trust banks. This is reason enough to search the older homes. There are so many older homes that were once lived in by bank haters that you could spend a lifetime just searching them.

The lack of trust in banks became more evident just before, during, and after the depression years. Many hidden caches are being located today in homes that existed during those years.

Here are three secret hiding places for old coins and money in older homes. They’ve paid off for me and others as well.

Old Pipes That Go Nowhere

A popular hiding place for old coins, especially silver dollars was inside old cast iron pipes.

Older homes had cast iron pipes. Some still have the old pipe system. People would cap off the end of a section of pipe that was no longer used, then stuff their coins or paper dollars into that section. At the opposite end, they would add another screw cap. Be sure to look for these pipe sections.

Beneath the Floor

Does the original floor of your home still exist? If so, you may be walking on some money.

A frequent hiding place for a stash in older homes was beneath the floor. Look for loose floorboards. Usually, the rooms that were the most private, like the bathroom, bedrooms, or an attic with a floor, were the best places to hide money. Secrecy was paramount when caching money or valuables. If the person doing the hiding wanted to keep the secret from family members, they would not cache their loot in a room where everyone congregated.

Beneath The Old Bathtub

Does your home still have the old type bathtub with legs?

Myself and I know others who have found hidden money beneath those old tubs. One individual found an old metal box filled with gold coins. He was remodeling the home he had just purchased when he found the metal box beneath the old bathtub he was removing.

If you do not own an older home, but you would like to search for them, pay attention when you are driving. Many times you will see old, empty homes that are boarded up, or with "No Trespassing" signs on them.. Locate the owner. Tell him or her what you would like to do. Be honest with them. Explain that you are knowledgeable about where to search older homes for any possible treasures. Get permission, and of course offer to share the find. After all, it’s their property.


Metal Detecting Beachcomber Finds Necklace Holding Ashes of Someone’s Mom

This story should be shared in hopes the owner can be located. I am posting in my blog as well. Frank

“It was a sentimental find on Siesta Key, the scenic Gulf of Mexico barrier island off Sarasota in southwest Florida.

Shawn Rauch, a machinist in Sarasota, was at the beach using his metal detector to probe for items when he found a silver necklace with a pendant at the end with the word “Mom” on it. A small amount of a person’s ashes were inside the pendant — likely those of someone’s mother.”

Necklace Ashes

Metal Detectorist Had No Idea Coin Was Worth £10k

“A metal detectorist kept a Roman coin for nearly 30 years before realising it was worth £10,000.

Retired police officer Tom Thomas, from Reading, made the rare discovery in the 1990s and kept the coin in his small collection.” Berkshire Coin Worth 10

Buried Treasure Found - Now He's On Hunt For Owner

“A Fredericton man is searching for the owner of a 1965 grad ring he found while metal detecting in Killarney Lake.

Rob Allaby and his brother, Stephen Allaby, were scuba diving when they found the 10-karat gold ring under about two metres of water, sand and hard clay on June 8.” New Brunswick Buried Treasure

Lost and found: Metal detectorists Hunt For History

“On a bright, yet blustery Saturday in April, a handful of members of the Mid Michigan Metal Detecting Club met up at Williams Township Park in Auburn. Outfitted with metal detectors, headphones, kneepads and spades, they are modern-day treasure seekers.” Lost and Found

Metal Detectorists Discover Stash of 550 Ancient Coins

“Four amateur metal detectorists partaking in a four day long rally in Buckinghamshire, England, have unearthed over 550 rare gold and silver coins , including 12 ‘extremely rare’ gold coins from the time of the Black Death .” Metal Detectorists Discovers Stach

Iowa Man Looks To Display Historic Treasure

Historic Treasure Unearthed

We Want Your Stories and Pictures

One of the excitements we get from metal detecting is seeing what kind of “stuff” others are finding. Not only do we enjoy seeing the items found, but many of us like to hear the stories about how those finds were located. So, let’s see your “stuff.”

Many have posted pictures and brief stories of their finds at my website. It’s easy to do. You basically create your own webpage with a picture or pictures, and a brief story of how you found the items. Once your page is posted, others will be able to view your page, and make comments. You will also have your own url link to the webpage you built. Use that link to post to Facebook, Twitter, or Pintrest and share with others.

So show your “stuff.” We want to see the goodies! Stories About Your Finds

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